Fox News: the real reason impeachment is disagreement with trump’s anti-Russian policy of the Washington hawks

Witnesses in the case concerning the impeachment of Donald trump are ardent opponents of Russia, and this is dictated by their attitude to the telephone conversation of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, says Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson. According to him, the American voters have often supported the idea of rapprochement with Russia, but bureaucrats in Washington can’t let that happen.

Fox News: настоящая причина импичмента — несогласие Трампа с антироссийской политикой вашингтонских ястребов

Actually this is pure politics. The procedure of impeachment is not due to any real crimes. And the main guilt of the President, apparently, that he disagreed with the policy that you set up the Washington bureaucracy. How do we know? Yes they do, in fact, it is recognized.

Over the past two weeks, the house of representatives listened to the testimony of diplomat by the name of bill Taylor, then an army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. We are told that their statements overflow of the President of the trump. Possible. So what did they say?

For a start, and Taylor, and wingman — ardent hawks, when it comes to Russia. Both testified that they want a huge us aid to Ukraine because they want to weaken Russia. Both stressed that they did not want any controversy in the US about this policy. They say it out loud!

Wingman in his speech said that he was against a telephone conversation of the President of trump with the Ukrainian President — and that’s the reason why, and I quote: “I knew that if Ukraine would carry out an investigation against Biden and “Burimi”, it probably would be construed as partisan politics, with the result that Ukraine, undoubtedly, would have lost bipartisan support, which had until now”. End quote. It is implied that this is unacceptable.

Taylor did almost exactly-in-exactly the same statement. Here it is, and I quote: “For the restoration of the independence of Ukraine is necessary for Russia to leave Ukraine. It still was — and should remain — a bipartisan foreign policy goal of the United States.” End quote.

In other words, Washington may be two parties, but in Ukraine is allowed only one position. And trump doesn’t share it. His telephone conversation was inadmissible because it could prevent America automatically and thoughtlessly, many years to spend billions of dollars to support a country that most Americans even at gunpoint will not be able to find on the globe.

But with this scenario there is one problem: voters disagree. We know this because, when he ran three years ago, President trump did not hide his relationship to US foreign policy. He told voters that America was involved in too many pointless wars. He then criticized President Obama for the bad relations with Russia. The administration trump promised he would seek to improve relations with Vladimir Putin.

Maybe it’s someone shocking, but the idea was not unprecedented. Something like Obama promised, when he ran in 2012. The public then supported it. He won. But now the same idea is not just unpopular in Washington. The ruling class considers it illegal.

The former head of the CIA, John Brennan so put it on Twitter: “As before, when the country been in danger, we rely on our military, diplomats, intelligence officers and law enforcement, and other brave patriots in defending our rights, freedom and democracy. Let the strength and determination to not leave them, despite the obstacles of a corrupt policy.” End quote.

Catch? Unelected bureaucrats protect… democracy! And the elected officials undermine democracy. In the world John Brennan, like in Orwell’s dystopia, the closest and scariest threat to this country — the voters!

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