Fox News: the White house accuses Politicо in lies and deception

Fox News: представитель Белого дома обвиняет Politicо во лжи и обмане

The representative of the White house filed suit against the portal Politicо worth tens of millions of dollars. Fox News reports that the plaintiff alleges that a month ago in the article the journalists accused him of lying and cheating like he gave Donald Trump the negative information about Ukraine.A White house spokesman sued the Internet portal and the journalist for libel and requires tens of millions of dollars in compensation. But at stake is not only a lot of money. The claim goes to the heart of investigations into impeachment. More about this will tell us Fox News analyst and host of NEWS BUZZ Howard Kurtz. HOWARD KURTZ, an analyst at Fox News: the White house is extremely unusual to file lawsuits of this type. Kesh Patel — a senior official of the national security Council, filed a lawsuit for $ 25 million against Politicо and its correspondent Natasha Bertrand, collaborating with MSNBC. He said that a month ago in the article they accused him of lies and deceit that he conveyed to President Trump negative information about Ukraine. Kesh Patel stated that he never discussed anything about Ukraine with the President.What do you expect? It so happens that waive informed of the charges and the whole thing stops. If this is the case of this development, or Kesh Patel is still waiting for compensation?

HOWARD KURTZ: Kesh Patel — a former chief assistant Devin Nunes, so the lawsuit contained numerous expressions of trump, far from legal language. By the way, Politico still has not commented on the case. For example, it States that Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Committee of the house of representatives from the Democratic party, cooperated with Politico in order to try to undermine his reputation, to back up your baseless false thesis about the service for the service in the context of the Ukrainian scandal.

You no like this statement? He also says that Adam Schiff was arranged in an interview the present judgment. In my opinion, a serious matter, we are talking about huge sums, but also obviously, it is intended to denigrate the President of Schiff.