FOX orders a 2nd season of the Moodys with François Arnaud

FOX commande une 2e saison des Moodys avec François Arnaud

Good news for François Arnaud : FOX has ordered a sequel to The Moodys, in the comedy the featuring. And this time, the american chain will present a full season of the series ; not only the three special episodes of Christmas, like last year.

By e-mail, quebec actor welcomed the announcement. “It has always been the intention of the creators, to explore a family in a series of vignettes, several times, then it is a chance to be able to return there. “

“It’s exciting “

The moody’s paints a portrait of a family (slightly dysfunctional Chicago. Actors Denis Leary and Elizabeth Perkins play the parents, while Chelsea Frei, the ex-Montrealer Jay Baruchel and François Arnaud camp children. The latter embodies Dan, the youngest son, a photographer who is not very reliable in love.

“The idea to revisit Dan, once again, to discover it in a different light, outside of the family nucleus can be, it is exciting. To see if he has learned from his mistakes, or [probably] not, ” commented François Arnaud.

Filming in Montreal ?

The first season of the Moodys was shot last fall in Montreal. It is not known where will be filmed in the second season.

According to Deadline, the result could have 13 episodes of half an hour. It will be presented in the calendar 2020-2021.

In a press release, the president of FOX Entertainment, Michael Torn, praised the series. “With The Moodys, we wanted to offer a Holiday season that is bold and non-conformist as only FOX can do it. We have inherited a special series and a family where we all fell in love with the network, ” said Mr. Torn.

The Moodys is not the first series of François Arnaud in the United States. The actor has played in UnREAL (2018) on Lifetime, Midnight, Texas (2017-2018) and Blindspot (2015) on NBC.

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