FP: US lawmakers demand to punish Turkey for the purchase of s-400

FP: законодатели США требуют наказать Турцию за покупку С-400

Late in the evening on Monday, the U.S. legislature passed a radical bill providing for drastic punishment of Turkey for the purchase of the controversial Russian air defense system, which, according to Western officials threatened NATO air defense and F-35.Against this background, the US President, Donald trump continues to refrain from imposing mandated by Congress of sanctions in response to the purchase by Ankara of s-400. Recently, the Turkish military began testing of Russian anti-aircraft missiles arrived in Turkey this summer, against F-16 fighters of American production. In accordance with the Law on counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions (CAATSA) in response to large-scale purchases of Russian military equipment the US administration will have to choose from a range of options — from gentle to tough sanctions.”Our patience has expired. It’s time to apply the law, told senators Chris van HOLLEN (Chris Van Hollen, Democrat) and Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham, Republican) in a recent letter to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. — Its failure to take action, we send a terrible signal to other countries, if they could ignore us laws without any consequences.”U.S. officials continue to stress that to operate the Russian s-400 and American fighters F-35 at the same time, Turkey cannot be allowed to continue — out of fear that Ankara will use Russian system to find out the secret technology of the aircraft.”The joint operation of s-400 and F-35 in Turkey, we will not allow”, — assured General Todd Walters (Tod Wolters), head of the US European command, at a meeting with journalists on 10 December in Washington.In the agreement the Law on national defence for 2020 financial year, it is expected that it will soon be signed by the President trump, unilateral sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of s-400 authorized the house of representatives and the Senate would not allow. But they banned the transfer of Turkey’s F-35, until Ankara has a Russian air defense missile systems or any other Russian-made military equipment that could threaten aircraft. It interferes with the administration to cancel the decision of the Ministry of defence to withdraw Turkey from the international program of the F-35.One member of Congress made clear that if the President will continue to delay the sanctions, Congress will be forced to act unilaterally.”If the administration in the near future so do not do in relation to CAATSA that Congress, and “calibrate” his decision will fail,” warned the Congressman.The administration has proposed a workaround to Turkey kept those systems, but refrained from their use. It would have paved the way for the restoration of the membership of Ankara in the F-35. However, agreement has not yet been concluded.According to the results reached at this week’s agreement, lawmakers once again called on the President to impose sanctions. They expressed the sense of Congress that the acquisition of s-400 in terms of the Law on counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions fall under the definition of “significant transactions”. In the words of one legislator, legally binding, this step is not, but Congress can enact a law.Lawmakers also allowed the Pentagon to spend $ 30 million on storage, six Turkish F-35 (they Ankara acquired and previously used for training Turkish pilots for the U.S. air force base to pause the program by Turkey) and $ 440 million for their subsequent redemption.In addition to the provisions regarding Turkey, the agreement also creates a long-promised trump Space forces in the air force, but it takes controversial restrictions with regards to the border with Mexico, the nuclear weapon of low power and the powers of the President to start a war with Iran. The agreement also prohibits Trump to withdraw the US from NATO and the 28 500 us troops from South Korea.Negotiations on the bill was complicated by the fact that the Democrats have a majority in the House of representatives and the Republicans in the Senate. It is expected that trump the bill to sign.

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