Fragrant harvest: farmers in Azerbaijan have started collecting garlic

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin

Fragrant harvest. The farmers of Azerbaijan began collecting garlic. It is grown in several areas, but the best things are the farmers of the North of the country. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Ramil Taghiyev was taken to the fields.

Sisters Gulnaz and Shahsenem earn garlic. The plant requires no special care, and the proceeds from its sale is quite good – 30 cents per kilogram.

“We plant garlic in October before winter. Cold, snow, rain and even hail it transports easily. And in June starts the season of harvesting,” said farmer Gulnaz Huseynova.

In Azerbaijan, the garlic grows mainly in the districts of Khachmaz, Barda, and Jalilabad. Garlic does not like moisture, and in all these regions, low soil moisture.

“In different regions of the country to plant different varieties of garlic. For example, in the area guardeisky grade. It is good that one seed gives 25-30 heads of garlic”, – said the Director of the research Institute of vegetable Elmar Piriyev.

In Azerbaijan, several dozen kinds of national dishes that use natural yoghurt with garlic. Plant like to use in the marinade.

“His pickle is very simple. Need salt and water. We do for family and for sale. One bottle for two dollars to sell,” said sahsenem Huseynov.

Annually two million hectares, farmers harvest 4.5 million tons of garlic. Half of the harvest was sent to Russia and Turkey.

A kilogram of garlic in the markets of Baku costs about 60 cents.