France: at least “3000 victims” of crimes around children in the catholic Church

France: au moins «3000 victimes» de pédocriminalité dans l’Église catholique

The chairman of the independent Commission on the sexual abuse of minors within the catholic Church said on Wednesday at least “3000” the number of victims in France since 1950.

Over this period, the number of perpetrators of sexual abuse within the Church cannot be ” less than 1500 “, added in a visio-conference Jean-Marc Sauvé.

“This is the first time” that such an estimate is made for France, he recognized with the AFP, saying it was ” firmly convinced that there are many more victims “.

These provisional figures are from a first ascent of surveys of the archives of dioceses and religious congregations by the independent Commission on the sexual abuse in the Church (Ciase), the implementation in 2018 of the episcopate.

At the same time, the telephone platform calls for evidence put in place by his commission a year ago has received ” 5.300 calls “, he said, noting that some people were likely to contact them several times.

“What you don’t know at all, that is how to combine these two sources (the calls to the platform, and the work of investigation, editor’s note),” said Mr. Sauvé. “These are two different sources that do not overlap but may be added in part “.

It also underlined the provisional nature of these data : the call for evidence is extended until October 31, and the survey archive are still in progress. Other work that commenced before the confinement, and suspended during this period will also resume.

The Ciase, created under the pressure after the revelation of several scandals, must submit its balance sheet and its recommendations at the end of September-beginning of October 2021.

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