France closely monitors the English variant and applies new curfews

    France closely monitors the English variant and applies new curfews

    What there is to know :

    – Public health France identified 20,177 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday evening (against 19,814 the day before). In addition, 171 patients died in hospital (281 the day before). Since the start of the epidemic, 67,599 patients have died, including 2,027 in the North and 949 in Pas-de-Calais. In these two departments, the indicators are on the rise, but remain below the national average.

    – From Sunday, the curfew will be brought forward to 6 p.m. in eight additional departments, including Bouches-du-Rhône, where a cluster of carriers of the British variant of the virus has been detected.

    – Jean Castex announced this Thursday that bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, ski resorts, etc. would not reopen before February “at a minimum”. An update on the situation will take place on January 20.

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    The direct

    9:10 am. Extensive curfew in eight new departments including Bouches-du-Rhône where the English variant is present

    Faced with the threat of a rebound in the epidemic, a dozen new departments, including Bouches-du-Rhône, are under advanced curfew at 6 p.m. this Sunday. In Marseille, the town hall, on the left, and the region, on the right, had denounced with one voice the measure, which, according to them, has not proved its effectiveness. But the prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône justified his decision, after the discovery of an “extended” family cluster (at least 24 cases) presenting the new British variant to the coronavirus, deemed to be more contagious.

    A massive screening operation took place on Saturday in Bagneux, in the Paris suburbs, where the variant from the United Kingdom was detected on Friday. A few hundred volunteers came to be tested. For the moment, taking into account the cluster, just discovered in the Bouches-du-Rhône, around forty cases of contamination by this variant have been confirmed throughout France (as well as three others by a different variant initially identified in South Africa).

    8h. 20,000 dead in Belgium

    Belgium passed the milestone of 20,000 deaths linked to Covid-19 on Sunday, more than half of which concern residents of retirement homes, health authorities announced. This country of 11.5 million inhabitants has recorded 662,700 cases of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, and 20,038 deaths (against 19,992 on Saturday), according to figures published by the public health institute Sciensano on Sunday. On average, the Covid-19 killed 58.4 people every day between December 31 and January 6, a decline of 15.1%.

    Belgian virologist Emmanuel André is sounding the alarm on the British variant: “
    We have a view of the number of people who have returned from countries where this new variant of the virus is widely circulating, so we can predict that a large number of people have arrived in Belgium with this famous strain and to whom we ask at all costs to respect the quarantine measures.
    “He pleads for strict measures in Belgium quickly:” We must take extremely strong measures to prevent this virus from taking hold, and supplement the other strains, because if it represents the majority of circulating strains it is then much more difficult to control.. »

    6.30am. The Vaccinated Queen and the Pope is coming soon

    Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, confined to their Windsor Castle, received their first injection of the vaccine on Saturday. The monarch, usually quite discreet about its state of health, “
    has decided to make this information public in order to avoid inaccuracies and possible rumors
    », Underlined the British press agency PA.

    Pope Francis has announced that he will be vaccinated next week. “
    Next week, we’ll start doing it here (at the Vatican, editor’s note) and I made an appointment, we have to do it
    “, He said, denouncing in passing”
    a suicidal negationism that I could not explain
    Against the vaccine.

    6h. Global pandemic update

    L’Inde, with its 1.3 billion inhabitants, is the second most affected country – after the United States – with more than ten million cases detected, even though the death rate is one of the lowest in the world . Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that his country will launch in one week one of the largest vaccination campaigns against Covid-19 in the world, in order to reach 300 million people.

    UK, 1.5 million people have already received their first injection, European country most bereaved by the pandemic with more than 80,000 dead, the United Kingdom is currently facing an outbreak of contaminations attributed to a more contagious variant of virus, and hospitals in London are at risk of being overwhelmed, “
    with the virus spreading out of control
    “, Admitted its mayor, Sadiq Khan.

    Friday, United States recorded a new contamination record with nearly 290,000 cases recorded in 24 hours. And 63 cases of the new British variant have been detected in eight US states, including Florida and California.

    In Sweden, a new law allowing the executive to enact restrictive coercive measures in targeted areas comes into force on Sunday.

    And in Denmark, where cases linked to the British mutant strain are on the rise, protests against the restrictions escalated into clashes on Saturday and nine people were arrested. “Freedom for Denmark, we have had enough,” chanted the demonstrators.

    Bolivia, faced with “very rapid escalation” of contaminations began Saturday to carry out rapid tests, massive and free after having recorded the day before a record of infections.

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