France/containment: explosion of calls about children in danger

France/confinement: explosion des appels concernant l’enfance en danger

Calls to the emergency number for children in danger in France have jumped 89% in the past week, after over a month of confinement due to the outbreak of coronavirus, said on Wednesday the government.

“+89%, is the increase in the number of calls to 119 last week, ” said the secretary of State in charge of child Protection Adrien Cleat in front of the senators.

“This does not surprise us, it is a sign of increased violence during this period of confinement. But I want to also see the sign, the barometer of our increased vigilance “in the area of violence against children,” said Mr. Latch.

Thus, calls made by neighbors have increased in a week to 84% and the calls of the past “by comrades, for comrades” have doubled, +100%, he detailed.

On average, the 119, a number that is invisible on the phone records, receives about 700 calls per day.

Since the beginning of April, to address the risks of violence in the family caused by the confinement, the telephone line has been doubled, a service reporting on the internet.

This device, intended for victims who would not be able to isolate to call to the aid, collected each week more than 200 referrals, said Mr Latch.

Wishing that ” all of these calls do not remain unanswered “, he asked to be strengthened numbers of cells for the collection of information in order that social workers can conduct investigations in families where the children are in danger.

It is estimated that a child dies every five days in France suites of family violence and some 52,000 minors are subjected each year to violence, abuse or abandonment.

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