France D’amour has not the heart to sing

France D’Amour n’a pas le cœur à chanter

France D’amour attempts, as much to entertain themselves during the confinement, she who has seen all his concerts of the next month to be cancelled. “I do not call it the confinement, but the prison, she said. I seem to be in penance ! “

France D’amour was a year 2020 busy before the pandemic of COVID-19 come and spoil everything. “At least, it came gradually, she said. At the beginning, the cancellations were only for two weeks. And there, it is up to the end of the summer. I’ve been fortunate to have shows that are carried over to the next year… if we get there ! (laughter) “

While many artists have turned to social networks to offer live performances, the rocker has not yet felt the need. “Frankly, I had not the heart to sing [when all this happened]. I had more desire to read, to talk to my world, a good laugh. But hunt the natural, it returns at the gallop. The day when I’m going to retouch my guitar… “

The rocker, who had launched a new album, Love and rock ‘ n ‘ roll in November last, would not a bad eye as a treatment is done in the middle of the music after the pandemic.

“We had arrived at a stage where the offer was too great. It was a little bit like in the Dollarama of music. To me, it’s been 35 years that I do this business and I find that I start to be really good. But it takes years before you become good at this profession then. “

Before being allowed back on the boards, a musician entertains as she can. When you ask him his favourites in television, it responds to the series Grace and Frankieon Netflix.

“I found it quite good. It is with Jane Fonda. We see what is it to be a woman at 70 years of age today. When you have the energy, the form and all your head, this is what the judgement of others ? It is really funny. The co-creator [Marta Kauffman] has also worked on Friends, which is my tv show favorite of all time. And it seems to be. There’s humour, it is brilliant, very modern. “

James Bond and the household

Side cinema, France Love very much liked the film 1917. “It is a war film, but it’s also about perseverance. This is a guy who has given his word and that will go until the end. It is very touching. “

And since she does a lot of cleaning during the confinement, the musician appreciates playing in the background… of the old movies of James Bond ! “I found a tv that plays all day. This is ridiculous and sexist… But from time to time, I have to stop my sweeper and I look at a piece ! (laughter) ” a Great connoisseur of podcasts – she has participated twice in Mike Ward listening –, France D’amour will resume soon the animation of his own podcast on the music, The conductor wire. “These are discussions of lodges between musicians,” she says.

The suggestions of France

Tv series

  • Grace and Frankie
  • Friends


  • The James Bond with Sean Connery
  • 1917

To watch Tuesday

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