France: Emmanuel Macron recognizes the “white privilege”

    France: Emmanuel Macron recognizes the “white privilege”

    Emmanuel Macron and the eleven members of the Presidential Council for Africa, at the Elysee Palace, August 29, 2017. YOAN VALAT / AFP.

    French President Emmanuel Macron is not afraid of taboos. “I note that, in our society, being a white man creates objective conditions that are easier to access my job, to have accommodation, to find a job, than to be an Asian, black or Maghrebian man, or an Asian, black or Maghrebian woman ”, declared the youngest president of the fifth republic in a river interview with L’Express.

    All that was needed was for the debate not to ignite in a country where political correctness does not allow differences in treatment between citizens of the republic, assimilated and equal in duties and rights.

    Bouncing back on the subject, Elisabeth Moreno, Minister in charge of Equality between women and men, admits the existence of this famous “white privilege”.

    “I have worked on the four continents of our planet. I frequented the North, the South, the East and the West. Obviously there is a white privilege ”, said Friday, December 25 on LCI the minister of Cape Verdean origin, moreover sharply criticized on social networks for his supposed“ ingratitude ”towards France who gave him everything .

    Among the detractors of the formula, the philosopher Pascal Bruckner, who considers that in Europe, mainly fair-skinned, this notion is a “dangerous nonsense”. The writer restricts the definition of white privilege to segregationist societies like South Africa or the United States of America before the civil rights revolution.

    Other intellectuals like Arnaud Benedetti, associate professor at Paris-Sorbonne University, cry out for the abandonment of assimilation for integration while accusing the French president of endorsing the recognition of a “white privilege”, at odds with the ideal of the republican pact.

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