France Info: the Russian nuclear energy promises to “illuminate” Black Africa

One of the actively discussed at the summit “Russia — Africa” in Sochi became the Russian nuclear power, says France info. According to the newspaper, Russia is firmly determined to take their share in the energy market of Africa, where the majority of the population still has no access to electricity. As noted by news resource, Moscow has a good chance to realize its goal, as its proposed terms of cooperation beneficial to the African partners.

France Info: российская атомная энергетика обещает «осветить» Чёрную Африку

ReutersНа the summit “Russia — Africa” in Sochi, the Russian nuclear energy has not left indifferent any of the participants, and for good reason, says France Info. According to several international organizations, including the International energy Agency, in 2019 Black Africa was still lagging behind in terms of electrification from other parts of the world.

According to the publication, to promote its projects in Moscow have attracted experts of “Rosatom”, whose task at the summit was to offer the allies of the Russian solutions in the field of peaceful nuclear energy that can accelerate the development of African States. At the same time, the assurances of Vladimir Putin, the Russia-proposed projects are developed without any political interference.

The last agreement in this sphere was signed between Moscow and Rwanda 17 Oct 2019. We are talking about a preliminary agreement on the construction of the country’s center for the study of the atom. Shortly before the Russian Corporation agreed to build a nuclear power plant of high capacity in Ethiopia. According to the head of “Rosatom” Alexei Likhachev, the Corporation has existing protocols of agreements with 18 African countries, including Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda. To date, only Egypt is preparing to launch four nuclear reactors by 2028— 2029 years, however, according to Likhachev, the cooperation with Zambia and Rwanda will bring concrete results in the near future. According to the International energy Agency, ten African countries have clearly stated their intention to acquire nuclear plants, to combat the obvious lack of electricity. By 2025, nuclear power plants should appear in five African countries besides South Africa — the only country on the continent with nuclear technology. As recalled by France Info, today, more than half of Africa’s population do not have access to electricity. Thus, according to forecasts, by 2050 the continent will be staying 2 billion people. This means that the “coverage” of Africa — a tasty market, whet the appetite of the Russian nuclear industry, the newspaper notes. The advantage of a Russian nuclear power plant in their lower cost compared to Western competitors, in addition, often the construction contract is bundled with favorable loan provided by Rosatom. Thus, Moscow is a partnership beneficial to the African continent, which, in turn, is concentrated 20% of world reserves of uranium, concludes a news resource.

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