France is concerned for the rights of transgender people in Hungary

La France inquiète pour les droits des transgenres en Hongrie

PARIS | France has warned Hungary against a draft law which it considers prejudicial to the rights of transsexual and transgender people, according to information of the magazine Têtu confirmed by the French ministry of foreign Affairs.

This text “would lead to a formal prohibition of any type of legal recognition and rights to transgender persons,” write the ambassador of France in charge of Human rights, François Croquette, and the inter-ministerial delegate to fight against racism, anti-semitism and the hatred of anti-LGBT (DILCRAH), Frédéric Potter, in a letter to the ambassador of Hungary in Paris.

One of the provisions of the text aims at defining the genre by the “biological sex based on birth and the human genome”.

Transgender and transsexual people, surgery or not, would then not be permitted to request a change of sex from the marital status, as is currently the case.

“This approach, if it was confirmed, does not seem to us likely to promote the inclusion of trans people and their rights”, complain to the signatories of the letter, who see it as an “infringement of the european Convention on Human rights and the jurisprudence of the european Court of Human rights”.

“The transidentité is not a pathology and has been removed from the list of mental illnesses by the world Health Organization on may 27, 2019”, they remember also.

The commissioner for human rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic, has also considered the draft law “contrary to legal norms” in europe.

After you have limited the independence of the judiciary and media, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has launched since his re-election in 2018, a project of the “new era” cultural aimed at promoting the values of christian and traditional.

He has already removed the gender studies from the list of academic courses officially offered in Hungary.

The studies concerning gender form a field of interdisciplinary research on the social relations between the sexes.

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