France is looking for Ukrainian hackers, disrupting the world

Франция ищет в Украине хакеров, навредивших всему миру

Law enforcement authorities of France appealed To the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with a request to help take down a dangerous hacker who launched a virus that terrorized the whole world. Managed to identify that the IP addresses involved in this mailbox belongs to Ukraine, InternetUA reports.

According to the data we are talking about a group of hackers who ran malware ransomware LockerGoga, which attacked a large manufacturing company in France, America, Norway and other countries. The virus locks down the company zashifrovat files on devices. In return for unblocking the attackers demanded from companies with a large cash ransom.

In this regard, French law enforcement officers have transferred to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office information about mailboxes and IP addresses, which are likely to have been infected. Employees of postal and telecommunications of Ukraine managed to establish four possible defendants in the case.

After that, the court was requested to the owners of these French mailbox, in particular, used the services and routes of transmission. However, the chances that the hackers in the attack used real boxes — miserable.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that telekomseti around the world was under attack. In the hands of criminals which would result in confidential information relating to the operation of these networks.

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