FRANCE It brings board games back to life

    FRANCE It brings board games back to life

    In Brigitte Thomas’ house, board games have invaded everything, from floor to ceiling. For almost four years now, this Strasbourg resident has been selling overhauled board games on her site, at reduced prices. Between her house, her son’s garage and another rented storage place, she estimates that 16,000
    of games she has in reserve. Three thousand are already renovated and ready to be sold, but, with the Christmas rush and interest in board games worsened by the lockdowns, they are going very quickly. To renew her stock, in August she undertook a tour of France at the wheel of her van. It allowed him to collect 1.2 tons of games
    company that people wanted to part with without
    however throw them away.

    A plican the adventure

    A gray plican escaped from the Sigean reserve, south of Narbonne, took up residence in the salt marshes of Porto-Vecchio (Corse-du-Sud), while his brother joined the Balares. This is a first in quarantine for these usually sedentary birds. Our hypothesis is that, finding themselves without their parents (deceased), they were a little confused and they set off on an adventure. They found themselves at sea and one went south-east and the other due south, explained the veterinarian of the African reserve of Sigean. We will do everything to bring them back here and reintegrate them into the colony because they are not intended to stay either in Corsica or in the Balares O
    there is no plicans at all, he said, calling do not approach it and especially not feed it.

    She marries
    son attach-case

    24-year-old Russian woman, sexually attracted to objects, married her briefcase, which she named Gideon, reports Cnews. A kindergarten teacher, she explained that the object was The love of his life. Their union was celebrated last June by one of his friends. Although the marriage is not officially legal, I was happy to know that our relationship was taken to the next level., she explained. Fascinated by objects since childhood,
    she claims to believe that they have a soul.

    the storyNuns dance and sing to raise funds The sisters of Sane-et-Loire have set up a kidnapped musical, which has gone viral on the internet. When sister Jeanne
    announced that she had difficulties living in the community because of her age and that she wanted to go to nursing home, the sisters looked for solutions and put to music their call for help to have medical rooms. The musical clip of the apostolic sisters of Saint-Jean, in the village of Semur-en-Brionnais, was posted on December 10. Dj, the video exceeds 30,000 views on YouTube and, of the 100,000 € demanded, 83%
    were collected. We made a video to present our project and to bring joy to the heart of this confinement. We opted for a little musical, explain with modesty the thirty-two sisters on the Christian crowdfunding platform Credofunding. They are not their first attempt. Installed in 1992 in a then almost abandoned prior, they have already launched two fundraising campaigns to renovate it, with the same sense of self-control: a sister was waveboarding (a variant of
    skateboarding) and two others pretended to be Lon Zitrone commenting on a horse race.

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