France: Matzneff will be held in September 2021 for “propaganda” of pedophilia

France: Matzneff sera jugé en septembre 2021 pour «apologie» de pédophilie

PARIS | The French writer Gabriel Matzneff, under investigation for rapes on minors, will be also held on September 28, 2021 for the glorification of crime in Paris to a chamber of the tribunal correctionnel (criminal court specialized in the affairs of the press and freedom of expression.

The writer has been summoned by the association for the prevention of paedophilia the Blue Angel. This procedure allows a victim to summon directly the alleged perpetrator before the court, without a prior investigation is conducted. It is up to the victim to collect the evidence of guilt of the alleged perpetrator.

In his subpoena, that the AFP was able to consult, the association evokes three articles published between late December and early January in the weekly l’Obs , and The Express, as well as in the daily le Parisien, and accuses the writer of having made the apology of pedophiles “and specifically of the crime of aggravated rape” in referring to the relationship he had with Vanessa Springora.

This last, the editor, was published in early January of a book, “consent”, in which it puts the writer of 83 years for its relations with minors.



This publication on their relationship in the 1980s when she was not yet 14 years has resulted in the opening by the prosecution of Paris a preliminary investigation for “rape committed on a minor” under the age of 15 years.

The attraction claimed Gabriel Matzneff for the “under 16” and for the sex tourism with young boys in Asia, it has been told in books, has long been tolerated in the literary world of paris.

A call to witnesses to find other victims has been launched on Tuesday and a search was underway Wednesday in the premises of the editions Gallimard in Paris in the framework of this investigation, has learned the AFP source close to the file, confirming information from Mediapart.

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