France – Nearly 2,000 people at a clandestine party in Brittany

    France – Nearly 2,000 people at a clandestine party in Brittany

    In France, the police had a hard time with revelers determined to celebrate with jubilation the entry into the new year, despite health measures.

    “#Reinforcements have been requested to dislodge“ very determined ”revelers in the Breton town of Lieuron in France. (Photo pretext)

    Hans Lucas via AFP

    New Year’s Eve was not easy in France, neither for revelers, nor for the police. The night from Thursday to Friday was marked by several clandestine parties in France, despite government recommendations and the curfew prohibiting exits between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

    The most emblematic case took place in Brittany and has not yet seen its epilogue. According to information from BFMTV, a “rave party” brought together nearly 2000 people under a hangar in the Breton town of Lieuron on New Year’s Eve. Police forces dispatched to evacuate the evening face resistance from participants. “Reinforcements have been requested to dislodge the” very determined “revelers, according to a source from BFMTV. Which specifies that the intervention is delicate for the police, insofar as they intend to preserve the integrity of the participants by avoiding crowd movements.


    Apart from Brittany, Marseille also hosted a clandestine evening during the passage into the new year. Also according to BFMTV, about 300 people gathered in a room, in disrespect of sanitary measures. It took the intervention of nearly 80 police officers to evacuate them around 1:30 am.

    The commune of Reding in Moselle also recorded a “rave party” which saw the participation of 150 people on a former military site. Again, reinforcements had to be dispatched around 2 a.m. to evacuate the revelers.


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