France: No quarantine for “any person from the EU, the Schengen zone or the United Kingdom”

France: Pas de quarantaine pour « toute personne en provenance de l’UE, espace Schengen ou Royaume-Uni »

PARIS | France will not impose quarantine “any person, whatever his nationality, coming from EU, Schengen zone or the Uk,” announced on Sunday the French presidency.

The day before, the minister of Health Olivier Veran had said that the quarantine measures contained in the bill of extension of the state of a health emergency, would apply “ to persons entering the national territory, or arriving in a overseas territory “.

For other cases, like that of the French, or Europeans arriving from an area to another area as the EU, the Schengen area or the Uk, the terms and conditions will be specified by the ministry of foreign Affairs “ in the coming days, ” added the presidency.

The French government has decided on Saturday to extend for two months, until 24 July, the state health emergency against the Covid-19 and clarified a little part of the déconfinement planned to start on the 11 may, in particular, on the follow-up of patients.

With new flexibilities available in the beginning of the week in fifteen countries, Europe begins the déconfinement of its people, the image of Italy, cloistered for the past two months by the pandemic.

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