France: resignation of the government of Edouard Philippe

France: démission du gouvernement d'Edouard Philippe

PARIS | The French prime minister Édouard Philippe has handed over on Friday the resignation of his government to the president and Emmanuel Macron, and it was accepted, announced the Elysée Palace.

“A new Prime minister will be appointed in the next few hours,” said the Elysée.

The outgoing government will provide treatment of current affairs until the appointment of the new government, a change desired by Emmanuel Macron, who had promised a “new team” for a “new path” towards the latter part of his term until the presidential elections of 2022.

“I would have to make a choice to drive the new way. What are new goals of independence, reconstruction, reconciliation, and new methods to implement. Behind, there will be a new team,” said the president in an interview to the regional dailies published Friday.

Mr. Macron, however, has remained evasive as to the retention at the head of the new government of prime minister Edward Philip, in office since his election in 2017.

“Since three years to my sides, he leads with successive governments, a remarkable work and we have led to important reforms, historical, in circumstances that are often very difficult”, he stressed.

This change of government was thus expected in the wake of the second round of the municipal elections of Sunday, June 28, marked by a high abstention rate, a setback for the presidential party, and a surge in the ecologist in urban centres.

Édouard Philippe, prime minister more popular than Emmanuel Macron, according to opinion surveys, has arrived the right and has never belonged to the party and The Republic on the president’s Macron.

Since their accession to power, the two men have led many reforms are controversial, such as that of unemployment insurance, and have faced multiple crises, including that of the yellow vests and the health crisis related to the COVID-19, which had prompted the President to say that he needed to “reinvent itself”.

The new government will therefore aim to achieve this reinvention policy, with the backdrop of the presidential elections of 2022.

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