France: the back-to-school will be on a voluntary basis, a mask in transport

France: le retour à l’école se fera sur une base volontaire, masque dans les transports

The back-to-school in France will be on the basis of the volunteerism of the parents, and the wearing of the mask will probably be imposed in the transport, announced on Thursday that the French presidency that prepares the strategy of déconfinement, projected from the 11th of may.

There will be no déconfinement ” regionalized “, but the strategies will be “adapted” to the territories, reported the Élysée palace after a meeting between the president and Emmanuel Macron, and elected officials.

The déconfinement must be prepared with the mayors, has insisted Emmanuel Macron, who has announced ten days ago that the déconfinement in France, starting on may 11.

A lot of unknowns and questions remain, however, on the exit strategy of containment, which began on 16 march.

The school year will be ” progressive, concerted with local authorities and adapted to local realities “, said the presidency, as a function of the size of the communes.

Priority will be probably given to more young people, those who are not autonomous “, as well as to children ” in difficulty “, but whatever it is on the basis of the volunteerism of the parents, “without obligation to return to the school,” says the Elysée palace.

In public transport, ” it will probably be necessary to impose the wearing of the mask “, also said the Elysée.

On the subject of masks, “there will always be a prioritization of masks FFP2 and surgical caregivers,” and the executive remains in the registry of the recommendation at this stage “for its generalization to the general public” because it is necessary above all to respect the gestures of the fence “.

Emmanuel Macron has encouraged the mayors to buy a massive masks in public, ” in a logical recommendation, not obligation.”

On Wednesday, the national Academy of medicine had still called for to make it “mandatory” wearing a mask in public space, on the ground that ” a simple recommendation is not enough “.

But the question of the masks, which continue to be missed sorely, remains a thorny, including masks general public that it is difficult to know if all the French will be able to obtain it.

The presentation of a detailed plan of the déconfinement must occur at the beginning of may.

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