France TV focuses on info and well-being

    France TV focuses on info and well-being

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    The public service also wants to develop its presence on social networks to reach young people.

    In 2021, France Télévisions will not play to the big mess of its programs. The public audiovisual group, which presented its new schedules on Tuesday, has made changes. But by small touches.

    Only nine new releases are announced, most of them broadcast on weekends and during the second part of the evenings. In other words, far from major audience crossroads. Stéphane Sitbon Gomez, the new director of programs and antennas since September, has chosen to hurry slowly: last year, the channels of France Televisions remained in the lead with 28.8% of the audiences.

    The group led by Delphine Ernotte wishes, after an anxiety-provoking year for the French, to focus on well-being and the art of living. France 2 thus inaugurated every Saturday morning from January 30 “Bel et bien”, a magazine on this theme. It will be presented by Ali Rebeihi, one of the star animators of France Inter, and Agathe Lecaron, who already hosts “La Maison des maternelles”.

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    France TV focuses on info and well-being

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