France will have 500 to 600 vaccination centers on its territory

    France will have 500 to 600 vaccination centers on its territory

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    Nothing filtered from the Defense Council which was held this Wednesday morning, on the other hand, Gabriel Attal spokesman for the government made a point after the Council of Ministers, the first of the year 2021.

    Among the topics discussed, the strategy and the vaccination campaign of course, but for the details, we will have to wait until tomorrow Thursday, the day of the press conference of Jean Castex and Olivier Véran.

    The “target” audiences will be broadened

    For now, Gabriel Attal has taken the words of Emmanuel Macron who will not accept a vaccine fiasco. “We have only one option: to succeed”, said the government spokesperson. He also recalled the priority audiences as well as the “target audiences” which will be widened over time, as was the case for firefighters as well as home helpers.

    Indeed, vaccination will be authorized from this month, for those over 75 who are not nursing homes, or 5 million people, as well as to firefighters and home helpers over 50 years old.

    Between five and six vaccination centers per department

    Gabriel Attal also announced that around a hundred vaccination centers for health professionals, out of the 500 to 600 planned on French territory, are open. Ultimately, there will be five to six centers per department, “on average”, detailed the spokesperson.

    He also said that hospitals that can vaccinate have been multiplied by three. Finally, concerning the number of doses available to France, this January 6, he specified that France would have “tonight a total of a million doses “ and would receive “500,000 additional doses per week”.

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