Frank LAMPARD: “It is not the team I want to coach”

Фрэнк ЛЭМПАРД: «Это не та команда, которую я хочу тренировать»

Head coach of “Chelsea” Frank Lampard commented on the defeat of the London club in the match against “Bournemouth”.

“In front of their fans we’re playing well enough and achieve insufficient results. Today is not the day when we can say: “We created many chances”. We created two or three good ones, but they must be used, if we want to add. Today we are not pleased the fans. Fans should not rejoice when we do 10 assists in a row between the defenders. This is not a team I want to coach. I don’t blame the fans. They come to support the team next week they have to come to Tottenham, and on Boxing Day will return here. The players have a responsibility to please fans. Players must show character, taking the ball and beating opponents. Today I saw that someone wanted it on the field. At the moment our performance is not good enough”.

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