Frank Lampard’s Chelsea has no right to lose

Фрэнк Лэмпард: Сегодня Челси не имеет права проигрывать

“This match we cannot lose,” says Lampard, knowing that victory will allow his team to go further, and a draw would leave the odds to the playoffs.

“We have lost the balance in the first leg against Valencia, but have learned lessons, but I always assumed that the group will not be easy. We originally had two trips to the stadiums are very difficult rivals and we needed to win on their field.”

“This does not mean that if we lose, we leave, but our situation is much more complicated. What we have done is started to show the football level of the playoffs a little earlier, even in the group stage. This is not a problem. The reality is that at this level sooner or later have to resort to this.”

Valencia is a very organized team, they have a great line of attack, there are two brilliant strikers and wingers. Feel you know that this stadium is more important than even the enemy, is more important than the fans, the atmosphere they create, and of course, Valencia have an excellent home, it will be a hard fight. I expect that the match will be difficult.”

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