Frederic Rent back is turned to the olympic Games

Frédéric Loyer tourne le dos aux Jeux olympiques

For athletes and coaches of high level, the olympics are the ultimate goal. His ticket to Tokyo in his pocket, Frédéric Rent has preferred to leave his job to devote himself to the next generation.

The head coach of the male team kayak New Zealand for four years, Rent has seen the doors of the olympic pool Tokyo open in front of him last August in Hungary when his protégés Max Brown and Kurtis Imrie has qualified the K-2 1000 m on the occasion of the world championship. They finished 15th and thus obtained the second entry of Oceania.

“It was fabulous, a time of legend when the guys got their olympic qualification, tells the story of Rent, which is back at the helm of the Club Lac-Beauport for a few months. It was a beautiful accomplishment for a small country that devotes few resources to the kayak male. It was quite a challenge when I took the team. The athletes had to work because they did not have a patent. “

“I was offered to stay until the olympic Games, but I didn’t have the elements allowing me to be able to continue, to continue to Rent. In New Zealand, there are only three professional coaches. The coaches of the club are parents. I wanted to get help. There was a lot of policy and budgets were in large part to the women’s team. I didn’t want to work in a situation of conflict. As of February, I had warned the Federation that I was going to leave after the world cup. After our olympic qualification, the officers returned to the charge by releasing more money, but it was too late. It was the paradise of New Zealand, but I also wanted to leave for family reasons. I was in the process of obtaining my permanent residence in Canada. “

Beautiful home

Last summer, in the process leading up to the world championship, team new zealand has been welcomed in France. “We were past the boats and offered food and shelter, tells the story of Rent is about the reception of his native country. It was me who had to find funding. I did everything and it was not possible to stay in these conditions. “

Rent has turned the page without bitterness. “I no longer have the ambition to coach olympic medalists, but I still have the ambition to develop athletes. The good athletes, you have to take young. This role in development is enough for me. The coach whose athlete wins an olympic medal is promoted, but he knows that the coaches precedents were also important. “

Unhealthy relationship

Coach of the canadian team kayak women for a few years, Rent is estimated that this relationship between the coaches of club and national team is not always healthy.

“In Canada and it is the same in France where I worked before, coaches of club blame coaches national not have conducted their athlete to an olympic podium. My work as a club coach is to help the national coaches and not the blame. “

Gently come back to reality

Head coach of the Club Lac-Beauport, for less than two years between autumn 2009 and spring 2011, Frédéric Rent had accepted an offer of Canoe Kayak Canada and was gone before the end of his contract, which had raised the ire of president George Delisle, who had not appreciated the manoeuvres of the national organization.

“The return was easy, assured Rent. I am committed to the long term and I bought a house in Lac-Beauport. My two daughters are very happy. Even if I had offers from France, where I had done a lot the tour of the garden, I wanted to give back to the club Lac-Beauport. I had to stay at the club because I had developed a sense of attachment. I can still remember the disappointment in the eyes of the athletes when I had announced my departure. I had it at the club to come back. “

“I don’t need the sirens of the national team, to pursue the French, who has worked within the national team of his country before coming to Canada in 2009. Control the process within a club is more important than being a coach within the national team and not having control. “

Athletes delighted

This in Florida in February and march for a preparation camp, Rent has found a club with a larger base than at its start.

“The Club is entering a new era with the return of the sport-studies, said that whoever takes over from Luc Grenier has been in office since 2011. This is a big breath of fresh oxygen. There are a lot of young people who perform. Due to lack of participants, we had left the sport-studies 10 years ago. It is also a pure delight to work with Maxime Poulin who is responsible for more young people. “

The athletes are excited about the hiring of Rent. “Fred brings national and international expertise, highlights Alix Plomteux, one of the best hopes of the club. I was rowing more for the pleasure before. I’ve had my best winter preparation. I’ve never been strong, but I made a lot of progress in bodybuilding. This work has appeared at the camp in Florida. “

A member of the national team, Anna Roy-Cyr also likes what she sees. “Frederic made a lot of individual training, and it’s good for you. I can’t wait for it to be able to accompany us on the water in the coming weeks. ”

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