Free 4 years before the end of his sentence

Libre 4 ans avant la fin de sa peine

The hit guatemala, sentenced to seven years in detention after having taken away the lives of two young Beaucerons, has been returned to his country after only three years of detention. “A slap in the face” to the mother of one of the victims, who comes to learn of his release.

August 22 will mark a sad anniversary for Vicky Coulombe. This will make five years that his son Derek Bolduc-Coulombe was mowed down to death by a foreign worker drunk behind the wheel.

That night, Pedro-Antonio Ovalle-Leon was travelling at 130 km/h in the opposite direction on route 171 in Scott, Beauce. He also had more than double the legal limit of alcohol in the blood, and he was under the influence of methamphetamine.

He was then hit head-on, a car in which were four young people. Louis-David Fournier and Derek Bolduc-Coulombe, aged 19 years, died, while two other passengers were seriously injured.

The vehicle driven by the accused at the time of the accident.

Three years in prison

Ovalle-Leon, now aged 36, received a sentence of seven years in prison after pleading guilty. An eviction notice was then issued on 9 march 2017, since the latter no longer had status in the country.

Gold, on the 24th of August 2018, three years almost to the day after the killing of two young people, Ovalle-Leon was granted a full parole by the parole Board of Canada.

Just a few days later, under two decisions, the Guatemalan has been sent back to his country after serving only three years of detention.

Agents of the border services Agency of Canada have escorted him to his flight home. The Agency declined to comment, preferring to protect the privacy of the offender. Recall that the first year and a half of his sentence has been calculated at time and a half.

The victim’s mother, Vicky Coulombe, cries the five years of the death of his son Dereck.

The victims estomaquées

It is The Newspaper who has learnt the news of the deportation of the offender to the mother of Derek Bolduc-Coulombe, a few days after the anniversary of the young man, who would have been 24 years old. “I didn’t know at all, has let go of Vicky Coulombe, this is a slap in the face. ”

The lady would have been able to follow the steps of the Board concerning the one who has killed his son, but she admits to not having had the courage to take the necessary steps at the appropriate time. “It doesn’t interest me “.

Mélinda Guay-Dionne, a “miracle” of the accident, was also not aware of the return to the normal life of Ovalle-Leon. “Ayoye “, has let go of the young woman today declared invalid.

“I really want to a lot yet, it has changed my life forever,” she said, still angry five years later.

The fact that the hit is free for nearly two years has shocked the victim’s mother.

“It’s ben, huh… Them, they are doing, but the families get never of it. “

The past five years without Derek have been difficult for the mother.

“It is five years to ask questions,” illustrates it.

“That is what he would do in life, is that he would have an apartment ? I would have liked to know the evolution, ” says his mother.


  • Overview in the centre of the city of Scott is more than 100 km/h in the opposite direction before the collision.
  • The Guatemalan had in his pockets, six methamphetamine tablets, he had consumed at least 10 beers.
  • The hit and has led over 170 metres in the opposite direction

Extracts of the decision of the release Committee of 24 August 2018 :

On your way out of the penitentiary, you will be supported by the border services Agency of Canada for the purpose of your deportation to [Guatemala] in accordance with the expulsion order dated march 9, 2017

Your status does not allow you to work in Canada or to study there

You stay extremely upset to have caused so much harm and […] you display genuine remorse

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