Free entry for guests of the II European games in Belarus abolished visas



In Belarus are preparing for an influx of foreign visitors who will arrive at the II European games. The competition will start already on June 21. How they will meet the fans and athletes have learned the correspondent of “MIR 24” Denis Koshelev.

The main burden for meeting guests of the second European games will be on the main aviakhab capital – Minsk national airport. According to the organizers, come into the country more than thirty thousand visitors of the sports forum, to which the borders of the state approach is going to be special.

If you have a ticket – do not need a visa. And control accelerated. Athletes and fans at all checkpoints assigned to a separate screening area. Checking baggage and documents takes less than 10 minutes. But the violator will not work. Modern scanners can detect in the bag even a gram of the drug. And not only them.

The secret weapon of the Belarusian customs call room profiling. Specialist in the arrivals hall sees all, and nobody else sees. Behind the mirrored glasses he was watching the arriving guests and many looking for a potential offender.

“Looking for passengers, past behavior, someone might worry I might have something of interest,” – said the Deputy chief of Department of customs operations and control of the National airport Minsk Elena Kudina.

A small detector for five seconds will determine contact whether the person with explosives or substances. But “the storm” offenders Winnie, a Tank and a Schnauzer. These cute and good-looking appearance of the dog not letting any bag with prohibited substances. On account of the hundreds of finds.

As noted in the customs Committee, of this monitoring, the good tourists will not even notice. With all the guests militiamen will definitely find a common language. The chief of head Department of customs control of state customs Committee of Belarus noted that only CBP airport Minsk-2 eighty percent of the staff are fluent in a foreign language

Rules of entry to the territory of Belarus for foreign guests, will feature a special cartoon. The video posted on the web. Besides, a week before the sports forum will open a call center that will answer any questions on customs legislation.

In addition to National airport, the intense work translated and 25 vehicle crossing points. They have modernized and increased the number of employees.