French carriers ready to transport the 200 million doses

    French carriers ready to transport the 200 million doses

    The vaccination campaign against Covid-19, which is due to start in France from mid-January in nursing homes, still raises a number of questions, in particular logistical. How will the 200 million doses of vaccines mentioned by the government – some of which must be stored at – 80 ° C – will be distributed across the country?

    It is not a stake in terms of volumes, insist the actors of the road sector. According to their calculations, it will only take a few hundred trucks in total to transport the 200 million doses of vaccine in boxes. And even the conservation of part of the doses at very low temperature (at – 70 ° C or – 80 ° C) is not an insoluble headache, according to Alexis Degouy, general delegate of TLF, Transport and Logistics of France : “Logistics at – 70 degrees is a fairly complex logistics and not common but it is not unprecedented. You have professionals, whether in the medical sector or generally in the cold chain, who have daily constraints to handle with temperatures of this nature. “

    Specialized transporters, some of whom have already been contacted informally by the government, are now awaiting the official launch of tenders and the arrival of vaccines on French soil. But then everything will be done quickly, according to Alexis Degouy.

    Between the arrival on the territory of these vaccines and their transport to the place of vaccination, it can go very very quickly, in less than 48 hours on an operation of this type.

    Alexis Degouy

    The only real challenge in the eyes of transporters is therefore that of excellence, in other words avoiding the breakage or disappearance of the smallest dose of vaccine during delivery.

    Transport of anti-Covid vaccines: truck drivers ready – Report by Raphaël Ebenstein

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