French Cup. The seventh round will be played regionally

    French Cup. The seventh round will be played regionally

    Le Mans FC (in blue) is due to play its sixth round of the Coupe de France at Châteaubriant. (Photo Jérôme Bouchaocurt)

    The French Football Federation has formalized the terms for the next Coupe de France rounds with a regionalized seventh round.

    Organization of matches based on the proximity between the opponents for the 7th and 8th rounds from the draw table of 6th tour.

    The table of matches presented for the “amateur” route of 6th to 8th tours included is based on the principle of regionalization of meetings so that the tightening of the calendar is compensated as much as possible by local trips.

    Given the tight schedule that will have to be put in place, (like the Coupe de France matches played in overseas territories) a principle of regionalization is retained for the matches of the 7thth and 8th rounds of competition. In order to determine in advance the matches of the rounds concerned, the drawing of lots for the matches of the 6th round carried out in each regional league takes the place of the table of matches. The winner of the 1st match drawn receiving the winner of the 2nd match and so on in order to build the entire table of matches.

    Within the framework of these confrontations, the principle of the inversion according to the level of the two adversaries applies if there are two levels of differences.

    7th round: the 124 clubs face each other in 62 matches and there are therefore 62 winners for the 8th round of the Coupe de France.

    The presence of 124 metropolitan clubs from regional tours for the 7th round of the Coupe de France was recorded at the start of the season via a number of clubs qualified by Regional Leagues. This number turns out to be odd in six regional leagues (Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Normandy, New Aquitaine, Occitanie, Paris Ile-de-France and Pays de la Loire).

    To respect geographical coherence and the pyramid of matches, it is therefore advisable to marry in inter-league matches of the 7th round and the following rounds if applicable, the six leagues in question with a match between the last winning clubs of the last meeting. drawn from the 6th round draw in the following leagues:
    – 1 Nouvelle-Aquitaine club / 1 Occitanie club
    – 1 Normandy club / 1 Pays de la Loire club
    – 1 club Bourgogne FC / 1 club Paris IDF

    The Organizing Committee is responsible for specifying the scheduling of these meetings.

    8th round: The 62 clubs qualified from the 7th round will participate in the 8th tower. The matches are defined according to the same principle of the order of the matches to preserve a proximity between the adversaries.

    The representative of the Martinique League following the regional final counting for the 7th tower. Or 62 + 1 = 63 clubs. The odd number results from not participating in the 7th tour of the Tahitian club and the Neo-Caledonian club.

    As a result, the Martinican club is declared exempt from the 8th round for geographical considerations and will therefore automatically qualify for the 32th of the Coupe de France. (He will go to the winner of the 8th tour of December 20 taking place between the Guyanese club and the Guadeloupe club).

    The 62 other qualifiers compete in the 31 matches. Thus 32 amateur clubs will be qualified for the 32th final. (The 31 winners in the 8th round + the exempt club). To these 32 clubs are added the two winners of the 8th round of the Coupe de France taking place overseas on Sunday 20 December. That is to say 34 amateur clubs qualified for the 32th of the amateur route.
    32th final: the 34 amateur clubs compete against each other and the 17 winning clubs are qualified for the 16th the finale.
    The final is positioned on Wednesday May 19 (to be confirmed).

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