French economist: Russia needs Europe to counter the US and China

Французский экономист: Россия нужна Европе для противостояния США и Китаю

Despite the abundance of disputes in the relations between Europe and Russia, cooperation with Moscow is necessary for the Europeans to counter growing threats from the US and China, writes on the pages of Les Echos associate Professor of Economics Laurence Daziano. As the author notes, for a successful Union of Russia and Europe need to conclude a new global agreement affecting the Ukrainian and Syrian crises and considering the possibility of extended economic cooperation.

This summer Emmanuel macron made a “u-turn” in its policy towards Russia, remembering the emblem of de Gaulle’s idea of Europe from Brest to Vladivostok United by a common culture, recalled in the pages of Les Echos associate Professor of Economics Laurence Daziano.Indeed, Europe and Russia are still a lot of diplomatic and military controversial issues ranging from Ukraine and Syria and ending with cyber threats and the arms race, however, the term “to be gripped” between the unilateral “American imperialism” and China is realizing its strategy of becoming a world power, makes an Alliance with Russia the issue of “strategic autonomy” for the Europeans.According to the author, Europe and Russia share a common strategic objective: to avoid confrontation between Beijing and Washington, in which the main losers will be the Europeans and Russians. To respond to this threat to Europe and Russia then you have a “global agreement”, which includes the agreement on Ukraine, the reduction of tension in Syria, the negotiation of a trade agreement between Moscow and the EU and discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, gas and electricity industry.”Populist deviation” in the politics of the Anglo-Saxon allies is forcing Europe to turn to the East, the author. Another concern of Europeans are unilateral extraterritorial sanctions by the USA, requiring companies around the world to obey American laws. As recalled by the expert, the victims of this policy were French companies, primarily BNP Paribas.In addition, U.S. sanctions against other States are required to be supported everywhere, however, protect only the interests of the United States, underlines the browser. So, because of sanctions against Moscow Russian-European trade lost more than €100 billion — 20 times larger than trade between Russia and the United States. Moreover, based on the discussion of a new wave of sanctions against Moscow against the project of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2″, is the desire of Donald trump to replace Russian gas in Europe, the U.S., even if the latter will cost the Europeans more.”Europe, lagging with a response to the American offensive, must find allies in order to retain its strategic autonomy. It is not about being idealistic in our Russian policy, and to consider international relations realistic,” the author insists, Recalling the Russian proverb: “one good turn deserves another”.

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