French ex-spy despite the machinations of the United States, Russia successful in Syria and has no plans to attack Europe

Французский экс-разведчик: несмотря на происки США, Россия успешна в Сирии и не планирует нападать на Европу

While the leaders of France, Germany, great Britain and Turkey wasted discussing the issue of Syria, Russia led by Putin is actively fighting against ISIS and helping to resolve the conflict on the spot, told Atlantico former senior intelligence officer of France Alain Rodier. He noted that the United States is trying to configure NATO to fight against Russian aggression, which cry were formerly Eastern bloc countries, however, according to the expert, Moscow is economically beneficial to have a strong Europe that does not have to fear an attack.

In Syria with the “Islamic state”* international coalition of 80 countries, with America at the head, and in fact NATO does not care about neither the Syrian nor the Iraqi conflict — that’s why Emmanuel macron accused the Alliance to “brain death,” said Atlantico Alain Rodier, a former senior intelligence officer France, Deputy Director of the French Center of research in the field of intelligence. In addition, the French President expressed his dissatisfaction at the recent attack on Turkey’s Kurds, with the tacit consent of trump, who aloud Erdogan threatened sanctions.In fact, to impose sanctions against France because it showed itself disloyal personally to the White house, and most importantly — because in the economy, it remains a competitor of the United States (although between them there is a big difference). Washington cannot overlook Turkey, which occupies a strategic position with access to the middle East and Russia. In this country since the cold war left the US air base, and in the case of sanctions, Ankara may request the withdrawal of the American military.Under pressure from Washington, NATO prepares to combat Russian aggression in Europe, says Rodier. As “whistleblowers” generally speaking, the Baltic States and Poland who have left bad memories of Soviet domination, and those who lived during the cold war, I can’t not understand them. These States fear that staying in their territory the Russian-speaking minority can become the pretext for a new military invasion, as happened in Crimea. However, the source of the French newspaper sincerely believes that they are wrong and use the “external enemy” to unite the nation, while Russia has neither the desire nor the means to domination in Eastern Europe. However, it responds to what it considers “provocation” of the NATO, taken on arms by Washington.Returning to the question of the influence of the North Atlantic Alliance in Syria, the expert notices that it is practically zero. In this region take the initiative the other players: first, the Syrian regime, although he did not have enough troops for the conquest and subsequent control over the territory of old Syria. Second, the Russians, very effective in combat, but with limited military resources. “While the arrogance, professionalism and luck on their side,” — said a former scout. Thirdly, in the North of the country by the Turks, in Alliance with the moderate opposition Free Syrian army had no international mandate, a series of offensive operations in 2016, 2018 and 2019, which allowed them to take part of the country. After the occupation of Cyprus in 1974, Turkey was not ready to leave the captured city. Meanwhile, still remain a mystery the secret connection between Ankara, Moscow and Damascus. Finally, the last player are the Iranians, whose militias or Hezbollah have always been present in Syria. However, they have problems in their own country, in Libya and Iraq and not enough resources because of U.S. sanctions.In conclusion, Alain Rodier criticized the proposal of Macron a year ago about creating “a real European army” in his words, these “good intentions” can only be done in a “European country” with the Central government, which has the right to dispose of the lives of its citizens because “the army needs for war” with victims on both sides of the conflict. That is why this is now cannot be and speeches, because there is nothing to “put the cart before the horse”.With regard to the Russian threat, which insists Washington, a former intelligence official believes that it does not exist — at least not military. Russian tanks will start tomorrow the attack on Europe, as was envisioned by the Warsaw Pact (the Crimea, with its strategic base in Sevastopol does not count), and the “internal enemy” no longer exists, or rather, acting alone, lamenting the loss of his “mentor” in the face of the Soviet Union and embarked on the path of anti-Russian struggle.Needless to say that first and foremost President Putin cares about the lives of its people and is interested in Europe only in terms of economic opportunities (gas supply) or cultural exchange, which involves the theft of innovative European technologies with intelligence. Although the latter should really be taken very seriously, Moscow will not be to disturb the balance in Europe, particularly through the impact on the election results. As Rodier said in an interview Atlantico, “this Europe does not need Russian: she copes herself”, although Russia can sometimes press on the sore spot.However, according to the expert, Moscow, too, need a prosperous Europe without political instability, to maintain cost effective contracts: in the short and long term, Chinese people consume enough to be a primary interest.

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