French expert: America is no longer the defender, but the macron is betting on Russia

While NATO engaged in a struggle with the “Russian threat,” the French President thinks about how it will look in the Alliance, when this threat will not be noted in the pages of La Croix, the French political scientist Michel Martin. According to him, Emmanuel macron realized that peace and security in Europe, as well as stability in the middle East is impossible without cooperation with Moscow. And in this matter the French leader has many allies, says the author.

Французский эксперт: Америка больше не защитник — Макрон делает ставку на Россию

Reuters”Not being an enemy, Russia is a NATO threat, but this threat takes many forms,” notes on the pages of La Croix, the expert of the research center “Institut Jacques Delors” Martin Michel. According to the analyst, although the Baltic States, Bulgaria and Romania are concerned about the territorial issue, and the Alliance ultimately preparing for the response to the invasion, the real danger is the threat of “low power” — first of all, disinformation and cyber attacks, “which aim to set people against each other and undermine the confidence of Europeans to NATO and their own national institutions.” Today, NATO employs modern challenges, however, the President of France Emmanuel macron thinks about the future of the Alliance in the case that “Russia will abandon aggressive behavior” in relation to Europe. “Starting point” of reasoning Rules, in the opinion of the expert, is the idea that to count on US to provide guarantees of security in Europe any longer. As the author explains, even if Donald trump loses the next presidential elections in the United States, begun under Obama turn America towards Asia seems irreversible, so it is necessary to minimize the risk of conflict on the European continent. Thus, according to the Macron, to guarantee security and peace in Europe is impossible if not to make Russia a partner. In addition, cooperation with Moscow is necessary for ensuring stability in Syria and the middle East as a whole, where the presence of Russia significantly. For France in this matter, the priority is to prevent repetition of the refugee crisis in 2015. As the author notes, the question of cooperation with Russia becomes a regular subject of discussion in Europe, and France can count on many allies — first and foremost, we are talking about the southern European countries, for which the “Russian threat” seems remote, such as Greece and Italy. Miraculously, Emmanuel macron even mentioned Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a mediator in establishing a trusting dialogue with Putin. Norway, though not a full ally of France in this question, can become a partner who will assist in “opening more doors”, says the analyst. At the same time, according to experts, almost all agree that security guarantees from the United States are not the same. Germany is also relatively open to dialogue with Russia, shares this point of view, I’m sure the author.

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