Friday the 13th in April 2018. Here’s how to avoid trouble and what to do!

Пятница 13 в апреле 2018 года. Вот как избежать неприятностей и что для этого нужно сделать!

Since ancient times, Friday the 13th causes fear in many people.

If you believe the superstition that this day can bring many unpleasant moments. It is therefore recommended to prepare in advance to this date to avoid an accident.

Not an exception and the month of April. This Friday we will be faced with a mystical number that has a lot of secrets and bitterness.

Many countries from around the world are still afraid of this day. There are those who believe this date the number of the devil, and there are those who simply listens to the superstitions.

But whatever it was, but the energy of this day is really difficult.

So, let’s learn what we should fear and how to avoid it!

Due to the fact that the Moon is in the constellation Pisces, the person is able to insulate itself from reality and plunge into the world of their own illusions. That’s only on Friday the 13th you need to keep your eyes open!

Don’t forget to still remember about real things and from time to time to leave their own imagination. Refuse work that requires a lot of attention. Otherwise you risk to make many mistakes.

Refrain from hasty decisions. Otherwise, you can greatly harm their reputation.

The heavy energy of the day will contribute to the increase of aggression and conflict situations. Not the best idea will become a new experience. Preferably also love to spend time strikes, as even the smallest detail will bring you out of balance.

Introspect. Better this Friday to be alone with his thoughts.

The evening is to abandon the noisy activities and new ways. Follow proven solely on the road.

Do not pass this day, and modern gadgets. Smartphones, computers, tablets — all that might disappoint you. Important information don’t forget to save instantly. Better yet, copy them to some removable media.

Friday the 13th is not suitable for marriage. Signs of people say that this Alliance will not last long and durable.

On this day a black cat that crossed the path for you, it will actually be a bad sign. Find another way, otherwise trouble, you can not escape.

Went from a fear of Friday the 13th? Learn from the video!

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