Every once in awhile I wake up and can’t believe how fast the years have flown by and how did I get to this space in time where I’m responsible for three little people and guiding them through life. So now it’s 2015 and frankly, I get more and more frightened with each passing year as technology continues to rule the world on one end and then in other countries innocent children are dying because of religious beliefs. People have been at war over religious beliefs since the beginning of time and yet you think, in 2015, the world would have progressed in their thinking and allow people to believe what they believe. While I never tend to debate religion and politics, in this day and age it is not a topic you can avoid. Nor is judgement. People are constantly judging you…what you feed your children, what you dress them in, what car you drive, why you wore that color lipstick and why you wear yoga pants everyday (does she REALLY work out?).  More and more kids are consuming illicit drugs, and it is all because of peer pressure and the media. I was recently ready an article on DOT drug testing regulations and couldn’t help but share it with all of you. It is important to know what to do if you suspect your child is consuming drugs and how to prevent it! We can’t stop our children from knowing about these things, but we can inform them about all the repercussions. For us Mamas, we are constantly defending our decisions and let me tell you, it’s exhausting! Aren’t you exhausted from explaining yourself?!

So as all of what’s wrong with the world is floating around in my head, I start to scare myself about my children growing up in 2015. Heck, I’m scared to step out into 2015 with some of things happening around us. After I had Lily-girl almost nine years ago, it was too depressing to watch the news. I would sit there crying until the hubs came home about bombs going off over in Afghanistan, a child abandoned in a dumpster in our own city and the tragic car and truck accidents that happen every single day. It was just too much.

While I try to make sense of 2015, here are a few things that I’m still pondering on for the coming year and how I can make sense of them for my kids as we all try to navigate this crazy, crazy world that we live in.

1. Drones – as you know by now, I have a love-hate relationship with technology. While I accept it and try to embrace it, sometimes the whole thing just goes a little too far. Drones frighten me. The other day at the park there was one hovering over my daughter’s cheer team practice. That’s creepy. Who’s to say that the creeper or registered sex offender down the street doesn’t own one of these and is using it for his own secret pleasure.

I get that Miami personal injury lawyer and companies use drones for business purposes but what purpose does someone have filming kids at the park without their consent? Just plain creepy.

2. Guns – this is one that almost always sparks a debate. I, for one, am frightened by guns. I get it. People hunt. People want to protect themselves and their family. However, most people don’t have them for those reasons anymore. There are lots of people that own these guns are not educated enough about them, don’t educate their children and tragedy strikes. Innocent people are getting killed everyday by guns and it shouldn’t be happening. It is. It is out of control and frightening but how do you backpedal hundreds of years later to change that? Our forefathers never could have imagined what the guns are doing to society today. It was impossible to predict that this would be the outcome. They say that you shouldn’t let your kids go on a playdate or sleepover at someone’s house that you CAN’T ask the question, “Do you have guns in your house?” If you’re not comfortable asking that question to your child’s playmate, then you shouldn’t send them over.

While pepper spray and karate skills can be used in minor cases, a person needs to be able to defend themselves if an armed criminal comes after them or the people that they love. Even if you don’t kill the enemy, it will give you time to escape and find help. If you are into hunting, there are many air rifles in the market made with nitro piston technology, featuring a collection of nitro gas piston air rifles at the top.

3. Children no longer can just play – everything is organized from playdates to sports. Nothing is just what it used to be 26 years ago when I was ten years old. I used to walk home from school through a park (not one person actually got picked up by a parent…can you imagine?), play outside until dark around the streets of the neighborhood and come home in time for dinner and do a couple pages of homework. Now there is no time to play. Everything is organized. You pick the kids up from school, you shuttle them to an organized playdate or an after school sports practice, then there’s hours of homework followed by a gourmet dinner (see below) and then a carefully organized bedtime routine. It’s just so organized and sometimes, I crave the free play. Yet, they don’t know what that is. You know, come home and just play with your zillion toys! My new line for 2015: “Just go PLAY and enjoy it!”

4. Food – no-one can just eat anymore for the sake of eating to satisfy their hunger. In addition to providing only the good for your kids and gettig all your bills together, and paid, it’s fear of cancer-causing GMOs, too many carbs, gluten, dairy, wheat, too many calories…and the list is endless. We are just as confused as to what to eat as the caveman once thought about how to warm his food. Eating food shouldn’t be this scary, yet it is. We’re not sure how or what to eat anymore. How do we change this and just eat to live again? Last year as I shuttling from sports practice to sports practice and realized that the kids hadn’t eaten, I went through the drive-thru at In-N-Out. I became THAT Mama and you know what, it was okay and we all survived. We ate, the kids loved it and I felt guilty for only a split-second. It’s okay to just eat every once and awhile and just enjoy it…just make sure you chew extremely well to enjoy every. single. bite.

5. Cancer – how do we not have a cure in 2015? We are so advanced in everything else but cancer seems to be hitting everyone and is just a bit too close to home these days. There isn’t one person I know that hasn’t been affected by cancer whether it be their immediate family or close friends. It shouldn’t happen this way, yet it does, and it frightens me. PSA: see your doctor in 2015 because that ache you may have may not be what you think it is. Early detection is key and to take care of your kids, you must take care of yourself first, and make sure to help others if you can, make sure to take action every time you come close to a Donation Opportunity for Children With Cancer.

6. Social Media – oh, how I love social media. I get to catch-up with all my friends on Facebook and chat with strangers on Twitter and they can read all the wonderful things I have to say right here on this page. News is spread right away: don’t take the freeway there is an accident or there is a bomb scare at a high school or that it’s snowing in San Diego (true story). However, there is a flip-side to it all. Most people aren’t educated on the way social media works. Our brains can’t think and process as fast as we can type in those 140 characters and post it for the world to see. Then it’s done and it’s out there FOREVER and there’s no deleting it because someone, somewhere snapped a screenshot of it and then sent it viral and now you just look like a fool. While as adults, most of us shouldn’t be posting anything we wouldn’t want our kids to see someday but people do and it’s embarrassing for them and their kids.

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