From 2020 rotsi Ukraine otima has 10 Airbus helcopters

У 2020 році Україна отримає ще 10 гелікоптерів Airbus

Nastupnogo rock on consumer Dino system avecina BEZPEKA TA Zahist civilnog aim to deliver has 10 helcopter – Н225, Н145, Н125. About TSE pormo Defense Express s posolennym the website Ministerstva vnutrishnih sprav.

“In Oxford s thepresident Airbus Helicopters OLV . Mcalonan discussed the supply helcopters for Avez aim for 2020 year I start a new servsec center. Nespola, Derivatology, DSNS and National guard atzmaut has 10 vintokryl Н225, Н145, Н125,” he naznachili in ministerstv.

The plans also vakrita predstavnistva Airbus in Ukraine.

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