From 2023, it will be possible to travel from Paris to Berlin by night train

    From 2023, it will be possible to travel from Paris to Berlin by night train

    Whether it is to party, make cultural visits or simply soak up the spirit of the city, Parisians and more particularly Parisians will soon be able to enjoy the German capital more easily than ever. And for good reason, a night train line directly connecting Paris to Berlin will be put into service from 2023.

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    At a time when the carbon footprint of air transport is increasingly criticized, especially for short-distance flights, the train is on the rise in Europe. Indeed, it has the enormous advantage of allowing travelers to explore the Old Continent while limiting their ecological impact on the environment. For many years now, the proliferation of low cost flights has made it possible to change travel habits and now it has become normal to leave home on a whim for a weekend or a small week. By bringing night trains up to date, rail transport companies hope to surf on this changing mentality and thus attract many customers.

    Many lines to come

    If one of the night train lines most awaited by the French is undoubtedly the one that will connect Paris to Berlin in 2023, a multitude of other services of this type will be operational in the coming years. From 2021, for example, it will be possible for travelers to take the Vienna-Munich-Paris, Zurich-Cologne-Amsterdam routes (with Mannheim-Berlin, Paris-Berlin and Brussels-Berlin routes, note). Regarding domestic journeys, the Paris-Nice and Paris-Tarbes lines should also be available for booking as a night travel version in 2021 and 2022. On Tuesday 8 December, the Austrian, German, Swiss and French railway companies signed a partnership agreement synonymous with the official launch of this gigantic project.

    From 2023, it will be possible to travel from Paris to Berlin by night train

    Credit: Florian Wehde

    In the wake of this contractual realization between the various players, we learned in particular that all these new lines will be operated by Nightjet, the ÖBB subsidiary (the Austrian railway company) dedicated to night trains. On the French side, the SCNF has joined this European program as a commercial partner. This role will therefore allow the French company to offer offers to customers via its own platform. “The SNCF will hook up its wagon to this locomotive which will enable us to offer our customers a new service, a renovated service, a quality service, for ecological and European mobility” explains a spokesperson.

    This is real good news, isn’t it?

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