From a burning orphanage in St. Petersburg rescued 300 cats and seven dogs

Из горящего приюта в Петербурге спасли 300 кошек и семь собак

On Friday, June 14, on the Leather line Vasilevsky island in St. Petersburg caught fire shelter “Abandoned angel”. Rescuers took out from the building 300 cats and seven dogs, told in the press service of the city emergency management.

The area of the fire was 20 square meters. Message about the fire was received at 10:21. To localize the burning failed in 12:11.

In extinguishing the fire were involved 37 people and ten vehicles. Animals have not suffered.

Earlier it was reported that in Magadan, emergency workers, responding to the request of the woman to save from the fire, two cats, made a choking pet, and then reanimated them.