From Amazon to Any: Siberian caught “fish mutant” with human teeth

Из Амазонки в Омку: сибиряк поймал «рыбу-мутанта» с зубами человека

Unusual fish with teeth like a five year old child, caught in the river Omka a resident of the village Andreevka of the Omsk region, reports the portal “Morning.Ru”.

Pictures of the catch the man got published in the social network. He called it “fish-mutant”, surprised that such animals are found in water bodies of Omsk region.

Internet users quickly established who is depicted in the photo. It turned out that it’s a brown PACU from the family of piranha. It is found in fresh water in the basin of the Amazon and Orinoco. Her teeth look like a baby, but it can easily crack their nut.

Like exotic fish caught in Siberia, remains unclear. Some users suggested that probably it was bought by someone from the local inhabitants, and thus decided to get rid of the pet.

On the eve of the 42-year-old Briton John Harvey was caught in Thailand Siamese carp, weighing 232 pounds (over 105 kg). To lift and weigh the fish, it took two people. In honor of the catch the man got treated to all fishermen on the lake beer.

Previously a resident of Minnesota Jason Fugate caught a giant fish, who lived about 100 years. A length of Bigmouth Buffalo was about one meter and its scales were an unusual orange color. This color, according to scientists, was the result of a genetic mutation.