From Antalya airport may not depart 170 Ukrainian tourists

Из аэропорта Анталии не могут вылететь 170 украинских туристов

From Antalya airport may not depart 170 Ukrainian tourists
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The Ukrainians spent in the waiting room for 12 hours. Among them 30 children.

In the airport of Turkish resort of Antalya 170 passengers more than 12 hours can not fly to Ukraine. Among them 30 children. This was reported by TSN, citing one of the witnesses.

He said that people expect a flight to Kiev in the hall to the landing, but the plane is still there.

Company Join Up! does not explain the reasons and is in no hurry to provide food or even water, – stated in the message.

Some time later, the Ukrainian tourists received your boarding documents for the flight SkyUp, but then changed to Anda Air. Boarding and still no.

Problems with the departure of tourists on holiday and return with resorts began in late June. Initially, about 300 Ukrainian tourists could not fly to Kharkov airport is Habib Bourguiba, which is located in Monastir (Tunisia). A similar situation arose with the return of tourists from Nikolaev who were not able to fly from Georgia. Problems arose also from the Ukrainians, who were vacationing in Albania and on the Spanish Mallorca.


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