From April 1, Ukrainians expect a lot of changes: retirement, army, doctors, gas

It will be possible to choose a family doctor, there will be changes regarding pensions and conscription.

З 1 квітня українців чекає багато змін: пенсії, армія, лікарі, газ

Good news for working pensioners

From 1 April pensioners will receive a Supplement because they work in retirement, continuing to labor and insurance experience. If retirees had received this experience only by reference to the relevant authorities, it will be charged automatically, regardless of treatment. Experience will be credited once every 24 months, reports Rus.Media.

Military pensions

Starting in April, all military retirees will receive a Supplement to their payments for the period January-March, and after additional funds will be awarded automatically.

Increase of pensions will take place in several stages. From 1 April 2018, the pension will receive an allowance of 1500 UAH. With 01.01.2019 it will grow by 750 UAH. And 01.01.2020 another 750 UAH. Thus, the pension to be increased almost 2 times.

With regard to the debts

In all regions of Ukraine from April starts to work in specialized staffs, whose activities now included the recovery of arrears of alimony. In April their field of activity to expand and will touch the unscrupulous businesses, forcing them to pay salaries to employees.

The family doctor to choose

April 2 across the country will share “a Doctor for each family”. The people of Ukraine will have the opportunity to sign the Declaration that applies to join the family special a family doctor, internist or pediatrician.

This Declaration is a kind of statement, reports that the Ukrainians choose as a family doctor or other physician. Now they are not tied to clinics, and free to choose any doctor for your family. All information regarding this case will be stored in a special electronic media in the health care system.

The Declaration is indefinite, so sign it at any time, but better not to tighten.

The military draft

From 1 April until the end of may Ukraine will continue military conscription.

By decision of the government will be additional calls in the army that requires more than fifteen thousand recruits, whom later distributed in four main areas. In the air force of Ukraine will send 8990 army soldiers. Transport in the civil service to appear a thousand citizens. The guards will be 1200 soldiers. The rest of the recruits will be in the National guard.

The gas price hike

“Naftogaz” has increased gas prices for industrial enterprises. In comparison with March of this year, in April prices will rise by 2.4%, rising to 9.8%.

The heating season

Now off the heating will be carried out only under the condition that the average temperature be at around 8 degrees Celsius during three consecutive days. This decision applies to all premises, both residential and public.

Control of food-prom

From 4 April, Ukraine will start to operate the new system of quality control of food products. This decision was adopted the corresponding law.

Now the company will undergo special testing, which will address the risk to human health from purchasing low-quality food. All tests will be public.

If there are recorded gross violations on food storage, the perpetrators expect tough sanctions. The maximum fine will amount to 70 thousand hryvnias. If the production is to be seen safety violations, the inspector may decide unilaterally to suspend the activities of the enterprise.

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