From aunt in beauty: the commandments of a real woman

Из тётки в красотку: заповеди настоящей женщины

— Syndrome of “aunt” you won’t read in any medical book. Though in life it denotes a very real phenomenon state of discouragement, grumbling, fatigue, multiplied by the extinct view, asexuality and unwillingness to dream. A kind of cocktail negative. And suffering from this disease, alas, among us very much…

Somehow I’ve wound up “aunt”. Not immediately. At first she “ran just a minute” to my light, reckless, yet strong, confident “inner girl”. This occurred in the form of “from nowhere” sagging thrift, commitment to cleaning and Laundry. But most importantly — in the form of nagging at home, “that no one except me in this house don’t need anything”. But the “inner girl” quickly expelled overstayers guest. And all again becomes easy and fun.

Из тётки в красотку: заповеди настоящей женщины

However, after the birth of his son uninvited visitor began to come more often, hiding under masks socially encouraged a sense of duty and responsibility. After the birth of her daughter “aunt” moved in with me permanently. Rude and cynical. Belongings sadness, melancholy, boredom, thriftiness and excess weight.
She has audited in the house and a strong hand forced the girls ‘ closet and most plewinski forbidden to wear shoes with heels. When I timidly suggested to go to the lingerie store, “aunt” was relentless: “Where?! My son no jumpsuit!”.

Every day she boldly disposed of in the home, what children rarely have to laugh, friends to visit, and her husband to whisper in your ear sweet nothings. But somehow Sunny spring day in my “inner girl” something skipped a beat: life has become unbearable. Having bought boots heels and repainted in a fiery red color, I kicked out from his house evil thick economic “aunt” with her soup, grumbling, calendar and sense of duty.

And made the commandments to combat syndrome “aunt”:

Commandment 1: do Everything with ease and love

As the philosophers say that inside, and outside. If you enjoy the world, enjoy every minute of life, and become outwardly beautiful, attractive and for others, and for luck. Your good mood, like the ripples, spreading to everyone around me. Only “aunt” you forget that happy moms happy children, happy wives, happy husbands.

Commandment 2: Build the ladies ‘ joy in rank is vital

Remember the song from the film “midshipmen, forward!”. “Smart is not born cunning secret Male mind — either there or not. Women’s beauty — another Thing it will come with time..” So what do we “make”, pampering yourself various women’s things — perfume by Chanel, g-string with rhinestones and an annual subscription to the “Natalie”? Femininity! Charm! Coquetry! The ability to drive you crazy! There is no “tetkowski”. Just a feeling that you still OGO-go. Regardless of age!

Commandment 3: I don’t owe anyone anything

Sense of duty (“I should” “I must”) is to dedicate a number of of psychiatry. A classic of the genre: I hate to cook (wash, clean), but obliged. And instead simply to abandon the unloved of cases, raped themselves, irritated at all, turning into embittered “aunt”.

Although “all” is neither here nor there: they didn’t ask me three hours to burn in the kitchen to make them lunch of five courses? From childhood instilled the belief that without a hearty borscht husband escape, and children will be starving, need to get rid of! The heroine of the film “You never dreamed of” tediousness homeroom teacher: “my Girl, when you grow up, you have a husband. You’ll understand how good it is when a person has a sense of duty” answer: “I think only love is able all to manage.”

Commandment 4: I don’t care what people say. Most importantly — think about me I

And have to think about yourself only good. But if someone thinks otherwise, that’s his problem. About “sho Luda say,” the care of “aunt”. “Girls” the same as Castaneda’s warriors, “looking for perfection only in his own eyes”. Straight back, easy gait, a raised chin: does anyone doubt that you are a goddess, prosperous, perfect, happy woman? No! And, by the way, will be then less gossip.

Commandment 5: High heels and sexy outfits, even children — Yes!

String bag and shapeless clothes even when there is no husband — no!

Did you know that most lipsticks use… not guess! Women Of Arab Emirates. Long could not understand — why? They go in a burqa! It turns out that simple! We women cleaned up when they go outside, to work, to visit. When her husband walk in robes, without hair, without makeup, in General, you know. And they have the opposite. For people of Eastern ladies may not be getting all dressed up, but the house — with her husband and friends — look like a Queen. The Golden rule, isn’t it? Only “aunt” say “fail”, “tired”, “busy”, “do not want”. “Girls” include imagination, leaf through the “Kama Sutra”, do Tantra, Taoist sexual practices, Arabic dances.

Commandment 6: Women’s purpose is not to serve but to inspire a man!

My father used to say that wives who are perfectly cooked and well-washed shirts, husbands do not leave. He had three(!) wife. All perfectly cooked and washed… He did not understand a simple thing: a housewife and wife is not the same thing. The first is concerned with the economy, with ladle and apron. The second is able to “improve” life, to be a Muse, inspiration, family brain, in the end — all, anything — just not “aunt”!

Commandment 7: I am and have enough for joy!

There is no other and never will be any-when! Agree, a crime to be unhappy, to kill a everyday, often far-fetched problems unique individuality and to become a bore!

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