From chumaka to Trapaca

От Чумака до Трапака

Gritsenko have employed Trepak, Chumak, Uparsin and Firsov. Now he wants Dobrolubova in place of the GardenProblems of Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy creates his colleague in the presidential election of Anatoly Gritsenko. Hrytsenko wants in future elections of the mayor of Lviv moving Dmitry Dobrolubova, or at least Secretary of the city Council Anatoly was Zabarilo.Dobrodomov remained unsettled in contrast to other associates of the “first-go” and trying to maintain my popularity in the city to make it to a mayoral election.Have we-the team in Lviv really bad with shots. They are seen as a possible mayoral candidate, the current Governor Markian Malskyy, associated with “Aringarosa” ( (, which brought into power also to Vitaliy KASKO Deputy Prosecutor General, Pavlo Khodakovsky, the Deputy Minister of Finance on tax policy etc. But his approval rating is weak.Anatoliy Hrytsenko intends to negotiate through its lobby in the-power, the donor of which he became, at the same time mercilessly criticizing “green” since, as he is not broke off the post of defense Minister or Secretary of the NSDC.From the presidential team Hrytsenko, whom he presented (… (…)) on 19 March on the so-called unity March in Ternopil, have been employed: • “the potential head of the SBU,” Victor Trepak – Deputy Prosecutor General; • chief of staff Viktor Chumak — military Prosecutor in the status of the Prosecutor General; • samastah, “FM” Svetlana zalischuk — an adviser to Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk; • “the future Minister of defence” Ivan Uparsin — Advisor in • Office of the President.The last of the people Gritsenko recently received the appointment of former people’s Deputy Egor Firsov. He became the head of State environmental inspection. A very serious place.Zalishchuk fully took it in turn Alexey Goncharuk all his international contacts, and even statements pass through it.Zalishchuk went from “begenovskogo landing” ( ( But she was with Hrytsenko while he was considered one of the favorites of the Soros Foundation. After the failure of the party Gritsenko election funding was blocked.As Hrytsenko managed to pronanut surrounded Zelensky — a mystery. But don’t hesitate to remember that he worked with Andrei Bogdan as a lawyer. Furthermore, partner at Bohdan law firm “Pukshyn and partners” Igor Pukshyn after Euromaidan tried to return to politics through the funding of the party Gritsenko, where he received the 14th place in the list.shadow_anonymous

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