From intern to owner of the company

De stagiaire à propriétaire de l’entreprise

Karina Massicotte has loved the company so much that he was offered his first position as a trainee in administration and, 20 years later, she decided to buy it.

Since she is the head of Food, Morehouse, she was able to give a real impetus to the SMES in Lachine. And she wants to give a new impetus to growth, with the launch of new products, including dips Greek add to the salad dressings of the same brand.

The name of the company you may not be familiar, but there’s a good chance that its products are regularly found on your table. Foods Morehouse specializes in the manufacture of condiments (mustard and horseradish) sold under the house brand. It is also she who makes the mustards of many private label brands, including mustards Joe Beef, Au Pied de Cochon and Jérôme Ferrer, all of the major players in the middle of the restoration montreal.

“These are products that work very hard,” says Karina Massicotte. With initiatives to encourage local purchasing, and sales have jumped 40 % since the beginning of the health crisis. “

The pandemic has not slowed down Morehouse in the development of its new products, even if the context is not favourable to wine-tastings in grocery stores to get to know them.

“The response from consumers is there,” says the leader. Since launching in may last, it is necessary to constantly fill the shelves. “

A significant step

It is in 2016 that Morehouse has made the acquisition of dressings Greek, which had been marketed by the owners of the restaurant The Greek language, an institution to Three Rivers. This transaction, it is a good shots of Karina Massicotte, who most recently holding the office of director-general.

“So far, Morehouse specialized in the manufacture of mustard for private brands. It was clear to me that if we wanted to grow, it needed to diversify. “

Since then, the brand has become an important vector of growth for the SMES.

“According to Nielsen, it is the most sold in Quebec, far ahead of its nearest competitor,” says the leader.

Today, the products Morehouse are present in all the major grocery chains in Quebec. They can also be found at Walmart and Sobeys, which has enabled the company to increase its presence across the country as a whole.

“The canadian market represents approximately 10 % of our sales, so we have a good development space,” says Karina Massicotte, who nourished great ambitions for the company it has acquired in the fall of 2019. It should be said that she knows it well because she has been working since the year 2000.

A project well thought-out

She was still a student of finance and administration when she took a part-time position, history of rounding the end of the month. At the end of her studies, she is hired as a corporate controller, a position she held until 2014, when she took over the general management of the company.

For several years, the idea of making the acquisition it had, however, in the head.

“I’ve always wanted to have my business,” she said. I expressed my interest to the owners of Morehouse, of the Americans, who, after a time of reflection, felt that I was the best person to buy it. “

The transaction was closed in October last year, thanks to a financial support of $ 1.5 million of the regional Funds of the solidarity FTQ.

Despite the context of business disrupted by the pandemic coronavirus, Karina Massicotte has never doubted his decision.

“I think it has been a bigger challenge for me to access the position of executive director that will become the owner. The workload, I would assume it already, the jump was less important. “

“I’ve had the time to think about what kind of business I want to create for the employees, our suppliers and other business partners. The emphasis is on the development of new products. Our R & D team is very active currently. You know the tastes of local consumers. The proof of this ? Brands approach us to find out what new product to put on the shelves. ”


That Morehouse will become a reference in the industry proud. And she is also quite pleased with his journey.

“I am a woman in her forties who has made the acquisition of a u.s. company. This demonstrates that it is possible. If I can give the taste to other to start, so much the better. “

Foods Morehouse

  • Founded in 2000
  • Business area : food processing
  • Shareholders : Karina Massicotte, Fonds regional de solidarité FTQ, other partners.
  • Number of employees : 40
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