From new York to London in 90 minutes: Hermeus will create a hypersonic aircraft

Из Нью-Йорка в Лондон за 90 минут: Hermeus создаст гиперзвуковой самолет

The new company Hermeus, which included former employees of Blue Origin and SpaceX, will create a hypersonic aircraft that would take passengers from new York to London in just 90 minutes, according to

The team also includes developers who have previously worked with Generation Orbit. There they were working on hypersonic missile X-60A, which is currently used by the us military.

It is expected that the aircraft will be able to reach the speed 5310 kilometers per hour. The volume of project financing has not been disclosed. It is known that in its implementation the money was invested individuals.

Thus, Hermeus intends to create an aircraft which by its characteristics will bypass competitors. For example, Supersonic Boom prepares to present his project in 2020, however, the aircraft will execute the flight new York – London more than three hours.

Meanwhile, Russia will begin work to create a protect against hypersonic weapons. Vladimir Putin stressed that while hypersonic weapons no one else in the world except Russia, however, plans cannot tighten.