From Revolution to Los Angeles

From Revolution to Los Angeles

Enola Bédard's American dream continues. After an appearance in the series Julie & The Phantoms on Netflix, the young Quebecer will soon settle in Los Angeles to teach dance.

“I really feel like I'm dreaming. I have wanted this for so long, ”drops the 20-year-old on the phone.

Revealed to the Quebec public thanks to Revolution , last year, Énola Bédard saw her life change drastically following her stint on the set of the popular show.

A few weeks after her elimination, she caught the attention of Kenny Ortega ( High School Musical ) during an audition in Los Angeles. The American filmmaker was finally the one who gave him his very first professional contract, hiring him for his project Julie & The Phantoms .

On Netflix

Landed on Netflix earlier this month, the distilled nine-part musical quickly received critical acclaim. The Québécoise appears there in a cheerleader outfit during large-scale musical numbers.

“I couldn't believe I was dancing for Kenny Ortega. When I was younger, I was constantly watching High School Musical films, I had clothes bearing the image of the series … I could not have imagined better as my first professional experience, ”breathes Énola Bédard.

While rumor has it that Netflix is ordering a second season of Julie & The Phantoms , the dancer is confident in her chances of being recalled by the production team.

Online capsules

But until then, she will not be idle. Énola Bédard will fly soon to Los Angeles, at the invitation of the American videographer Brazil. There she landed a one-year contract during which she will teach dance through paid capsules, accessible via the Dance Tutorials website.

“I will be working with choreographers that I will also be able to assist. It's a great opportunity, ”she says cheerfully.

Expected in the city of angels as soon as she obtains her visa, Énola Bédard intends to take the opportunity to try her luck with other big names in entertainment.

Her ultimate fantasy? Dance alongside the Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez of this world.

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