From rolled down into the river in the United States, the Boeing 737 took flight recorder

Из скатившегося в реку в США Boeing 737 достали бортовой самописец

The staff of the National office of transport safety of the USA has recovered the flight recorder of the Boeing 737, with 143 people on Board on Friday moved down to the river near the American city of Jacksonville, according to the broadcaster .

“The flight recorder will give us all the necessary information about the condition of the engines, flaps and landing gear. We learn whether engaged the brakes,” commented Vice-Chairman NUBT Bruce Landsberg.

He added that “black box” will be examined in Washington, but results will take time.

Voice recorder is still on the aircraft. Its extraction is impossible due to the fact that the equipment is located in the rear part which is not displaced on the land.

Currently, the perimeter of a Boeing 737 mounted floating oil booms to prevent the spill of fuel.

We will remind, the plane was from the American military base of Guantanamo, located in Cuba. All aboard people were left alive, some needed the help of doctors.