From shadow to light

De l’ombre à la lumière

Like other hockey players of the NCAA, the season of the goalie Francis Marotte ended abruptly due to the crisis of the COVID-19. However, Quebec has won several awards that allow him to better digest the disappointment of not being able to participate in the tournament playoffs with the Golden Knights of Clarkson University.

After having put the hand on the title of goalkeeper of the year and a selection on the first all-star team of the conference, ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference), Marotte has been selected on one of the formations of stars “all american” of the United States. They bring together the best hockey players to the NCAA for the season 2019-2020.

An honour to which he was not expecting.

“When I saw that I was not among the five finalists for the award by Mike Richter (the best goalkeeper of the NCAA), I was not expecting to be part of the all-star teams, all-american, was told by Francis Marotte. This is a nice surprise. ”

The one who was in his last year in the NCAA hasn’t stolen this honor. In 34 games with Clarkson, he presented a record of 23-8-3 with a mean of 1.78 and an efficiency rate of ,938. The guard also added four white games to his record.

It puts a balm on his season, which was shortened by the outbreak of the COVID-19. It is a pity, because the Golden Knights had the elements to make a piece of road according to Marotte.

“We were two wins from the Frozen Four, explained the guard who will be 25 years old on the 1st of may. We had a great team. It was ranked seventh in the country. The culture was amazing and everyone gave it. We were confident for the future, and our chances of getting away were good. ”

A superior talent

The academic background of Marotte is also impressive. It has started its journey in the NCAA with the Robert Morris University. He has managed to complete a bachelor’s degree in finance in just three years.

This tour de force has allowed him to make a request to join another university for her fourth and final year in the NCAA. Then he became “player-athlete ” stand-alone”.

“This was not in my plans to change place. Initially, I thought that it was possible to pass in the pros after three years, he said. Then, my agent (Allain Roy) I was then talked about the option of being able to play for another school for my fourth season. When I became free as the air, a dozen teams have approached me. ”

At this time, he decided to throw his heart on Clarkson in particular because of the presence of a number of Quebecers on the team.

“The Atlantic conference, where I played for three years, was less known. There are fewer guys who get access to the pros. I wanted to have the chance to have a little more visibility. I saw it also as a challenge because people say that the conference of the Atlantic is less strong than the others. I wanted to prove that they were wrong.

“For Clarkson, the decision was easy to take because of the quality of the coaches and the culture of the team. ”

The icing on the cake

For the last academic year, Marotte had set the bar high : to know a big season on the ice while doing his masters degree in finance (MBA).

“Initially, I was freaking out not bad. It was a lot of work, explained to the guardian in québec. If you are directed in what you are doing, it is possible. Me, I’m a routine, so the adaptation was not too long.

“As on the ice, I’m a perfectionist in my studies. ”

It is necessary to believe that the calculation was correct. The season 2019-2020 has been a success on all levels for him.

At age 15, Colorado

Francis Marotte has left the family nest at the age of 15 years to start his career outside of Quebec.

The guardian of 6 feet 1 inch and 185 lb has taken the decision to join the ranks of the Roughriders Rocky Mountain U16, in Denver, Colorado.

“The the Quebec system works by the city. If you’re behind a or guardians in evaluations of leaders, you end up with nothing. My father had done his research on american universities to go learn English, ” said Marotte. He told me about this and I found that it was a good idea.

“I don’t know if I was naive, but I’ve never had a doubt about my choice. I told myself that I was going to work hard and we will see what will happen. I was never raised with the idea of giving up. ”

He was right. After a few seasons in the american system, he returned to Canada to evolve in British Columbia and Ontario at the junior level for three seasons. Marotte was then back on the road in the United States for his internship in the NCAA.

And the following things ?

Like all the other players who are not picked up, Marotte is now in search of a first professional contract. His agent, Allain Roy is on the record for him.

“I talk to him a few times a week. The situation that is happening with the pandemic is so mad that there are very few free agents who have signed a contract with the guardians.

“I think teams are a little in the nether so that we don’t know yet the number of contracts that will be available within their organization. I hope that I will be able to sign a contract within a few weeks. ”

Waiting for the phone to ring, Marotte keeps in shape with a daily workout at home. For the upcoming summer season, it swims in the unknown.

“The hardest part could be to find the ice, he pointed out. If the crisis persists, I would turn to the synthetic ice. It would allow me to put my equipment and make the move. For my reflexes, I have a system neuro tracker. “

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