“From the Carpathians will soon be nothing left”. 10 main statements of Putin about Ukraine at a press conference

"От Карпат скоро ничего не останется". 10 главных заявлений Путина об Украине на большой пресс-конфренции

Press conference of Vladimir Putin December 19. Photo: kremlin.ruon December 19 in Moscow was held a big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In it, he has traditionally made a number of statements related to Ukraine. Gathered ten main statements of the Russian President about our country.

1. Russian equipment in the Donbas

Putin told how, in his opinion, at the Donbass Russian military equipment.

“What about the withdrawal of foreign troops. There (in the Donbas – Ed.) they are not. There are local police, it consists of local residents. I ask the question, why are there tanks and other equipment. In different parts of the world where armed conflicts, there is a technique. Where the state take such a technique? From States that are sympathetic to them. But this is their (separatists – Ed.) equipment”, – said Putin.

2. A new meeting with Zelensky

The Russian President was asked about a new meeting in Normandy format will be held if she. Putin has made it clear that the meeting is still in question: “as to the meeting in April, it will be relevant if the changes will be positive. Our partners don’t want breeding all along the line. There have been positive, and there are things that make you wonder. Continuation in the channel format should be”.

He also made clear that “positive change” at the moment is not enough.

Putin alarmed by the statement of Vladimir Zelensky that the Minsk agreement can be reviewed. “Well, there is nothing but the Minsk agreements. I was concerned about the statement Zelensky that can be reviewed. If you start revision, the situation will come to a standstill”, he said.

According to him, the law on the special status should be implemented in the Ukrainian Constitution. “Apparently, neither the former Ukrainian leadership nor the current do not want. We need a direct dialogue with the Donbass, but don’t want it. Now they say that there is a law about decentralization. Is that to replace? When it comes to Donbas, it must be agreed. And it’s alarming,” – said Putin.

3. The Minsk agreement and the signature of the separatists

Putin said that the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko insisted on the signatures of ex-heads of the so-called”LNR” and “DNR” Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko under the Minsk agreement.

“Which represented Ukraine in Minsk, and then there was the Minsk agreement, the former President Poroshenko Poroshenko, insisted that it was the signatures of the heads of these two unrecognized republics. They’re just throat I took all three of us. And representatives of these republics refused to do it. But still, we finished them. Thus, Ukraine itself has recognized that such power exists,” Putin said.

4. Gas agreements

During the press conference, Putin spoke about the fate hovering in the air the contract for gas transit to Europe via Ukraine.

“We will look for an acceptable solution, including for Ukraine. We will maintain transit through Ukraine. The question is the timing (of the new contract – Ed.) and volumes. By the way, the Ukrainian transit to Europe – longer than by sea. But we are ready to save it. And we are ready to supply gas to Ukraine at a discount of 20-25%. As far as I know, from the first of January in Ukraine increase prices. Three hundred dollars a cubic meter, including for the population. But we on the road to agreement,” Putin said.

5. The territory of Ukraine, which Russia considers native Russian

The Russian President said that part of the Ukrainian territory were native Russian, including the black sea. He noted that during the meeting in Paris discussed with Zelensky history of Ukraine.

6. Sale

Putin said that the issue of land is extremely important for Ukraine, and preparations for the sale are conducted at the request of a number of Western structures.

“Other Westerners – the EU – require that timber (forest – Ed.) allowed to take out in Europe. From the Carpathians will soon be nothing left, soon there will be bare rock, if the logs will be exported. Now the land require to start to sell. For Ukrainians, the land is of sacred significance, I understand that. Golden land!”, – said the President of Russia.

7. Aid from the West

The US claims that they want to keep the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, but this interest in Russia, Putin said. And in fact, in his opinion, the West is acting only where it is possible to harm Russia.

And in other cases Ukraine does not help, forcing its government to take unpopular of Magi like land sales and growth rates instead of give money.

“What money is not give to Ukraine? Would give them the opportunity to subsidize. Money almost do not give. Only give guarantees for possible loans. It’s not real money. No real support,” – said Putin.

8. Ukrainians in Russia

Putin told how many Ukrainians live in Russia, during the discussion on the demographic crisis in Russia.

“The decision of demographic problems in the world is possible by increasing the birth rate and increased migration. In Canada even the Ministry is there. Yes, it is easier to adapt to our conditions to those who know our culture and language: Belarusians, Ukrainians, Moldovans. We have three million Ukrainians are now living. And the same came after the events in the Donbass. And for the others (migrants from Central Asia – Ed.) courses in the Russian language should be open. The economy needs the influx of immigrants. You need to do everything with the mind. To get in the country, the public worked. So people moved inside of our homeland”, – said Putin.

9. About the Donbass, which is empty does not drive

“The main thing – the desire to solve the conflict in a dialogue with the people, not to force – tanks, artillery and aircraft. The President of Ukraine asked me: “What aircraft?” He forgot already. The famous phrase – “Donbass doesn’t drive empties” – she is tough but she is in the soul of the people”, – Putin said.

10. About Ukrainian identity

Answering a question on inter-ethnic relations, the Russian President told about the Ukrainian identity.

“Here we have disputes with Ukraine are. There are Ukrainian identity. Yes, it is formed. Who was the author? Count Potocki, the famous Explorer, scientist and writer, who first spoke about Ukrainians as a separate ethnic group. Then separately there were other Polish research, which even struck the Ukrainians among the Slavs. They believed that Ukrainians – the descendants of nomadic peoples, but it’s all complete nonsense. And we must know the truth. And understand that some point, you have elements of real identity, we must treat it with respect. We have done and will continue to do it,” – said Putin.

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