From the Donbass diplomatic to give up and wait for the uncertain future. Western media about Ukraine in the week

От Донбасса дипломатично отказаться и ждать туманного будущего. Западные СМИ об Украине на неделе

© RIA Novosti, Alexei NikolskyDespite the fact that the entire world press unsubscribed at the Paris summit, held on December 9, practically in his hot pursuit, and then closed the topic, some media consider it necessary and possible to go back to him, trying to find something new, not seen before.“All Ukrainians were pleased with the meeting in Paris”

Some people do it. These include the German Die Tageszeitung, which suddenly decided to admit Mr. Zelensky key figure in the talks.

“Zelensky managed to achieve almost impossible: all Ukrainians, regardless of their affiliation to a particular political camp, was pleased with the results of the meeting in Paris. Almost immediately after the press conference the four members of the summit 2000 nationalists protesting under the Windows of the presidential Palace in Kiev, turned the action”, — writes the correspondent Bernhard Clasen.

The journalist explains that “they were protesting against the possible surrender Zelensky before Putin“, but since zrady had happened, it immediately seems to have calmed down. The fact that the Ukrainian President to fulfill some points of the Minsk still agreed, but in order not to excite the public, the Paris of the document in Kiev originally rigged (and then had to publish still correct version), the German author did not notice. This is exactly the scenario when lying is salvation (the power of the disturbance radicals) and Ukrainian-speaking option — sample it.”Zelensky is inherently hard, — said the reporter. — During their performances in Paris, he several times passed from Ukrainian to Russian. When Poroshenko this could not be”. Oh yeah. For Ukraine today to say something in Russian language has become a symbol of courage.

“Peace in the Donbass will be fleeting”

The Danish Jyllands-Posten, discussing the truce in the South-East of Ukraine, comes to the conclusion that “the world for a long time there will not last”.

“Zelensky was important to negotiate with Putin on cease-fire and to him in Paris did it. The two presidents agreed that, until the end of 2019, a ceasefire agreement enters into force. The Ukrainian leader is very important to show that he is able to fulfill their campaign promises, why the silence on the contact line in the Donbass is more necessary to him than to the President of Russia”, — quotes the edition researcher Danish Institute for international studies, an expert on Russia splidsboel of Flemming Hansen.

The expert suggests that Putin arrived in Paris almost out of curiosity, “to take part in the game and see what happens.” According to Hansen, the Russian leader “I almost fell asleep during conversations, so it all was not interesting”.

“Give Donbass To Russia. After the “fix” claim back”

American edition of Foreign Policy believes that “it is time that Ukraine should abandon the Donbas.” Looks like this printed in media States is very unusual, but it is only at first glance.

If you delve into the text, notice that the wish, full Professor of political science, Rutgers University at Newark Alexander Motyl, decorated in traditional American style: we say, of this territory squeezed everything they could, and so to wear and without a trace, and now the pacifier cheaper to quit than to try to revive. Sounds right in the spirit of M. S. Panikovski: “You, Shura, I’ll tell you as a mother — let’s see what does our money go?”

In General, though, if Russia really wants, is engaged in restoration of the torn down war-Donetsk and Lugansk. Well, when all will rise, investing countless funds to Kiev and then catch up to yell about the annexation of the Moscow-Donbas and the necessity to obtain from the Russian reparations and indemnities. And, of course, return now in a comfortable view of Ukraine.

“Most of the reforms that in the last five years was conducted, and consistent rapprochement of Ukraine with Europe, too, would have been impossible, if the Donbass remained part of Ukraine, — said the Joker. — The return of the Donbass in the Ukraine now, many of these changes will negate or at least would suspend what efforts would be made President Zelensky, no matter what new reforms would be offered”.Hint more than transparent. Of course the so-called (in Kiev) “separatists” is not advanced like the Ukrainian “reforms” like banning the Russian language and “restore constitutional order” by military operations of the regular army of the country against the civilian population. Therefore, it is necessary to dissociate itself from them and not waste the money on the normalization of their lives in this infected Russianness of the region. So the main Ukraine, it turns out, according to the author, it is necessary to build a bright future without considering the interests of Donbass.

And yet, the author stresses, “through the Donbass to Ukraine was leaked to corrupt Russian practices”, so that “Putin when he invaded South-East, broke criminal connections and made Ukraine more transparent, the return of Donbass Ukraine again will worsen the criminal situation, returning corruption.” Well, here the author, apparently, having read the American press, quite confused. After the Ukraine has lost Donbass, according to international research conducted by colleagues of Professor in the EU, it turned out that she, Ukraine was the most corrupt country in Europe. So Putin’s not exactly with it. But the “European choice” of Ukraine was clearly corrupt bias…

However, remaining a slave to his own misconceptions, the author asserts that the Main task Zelensky now is to delay the process of reintegration of Donbass. Until Russia decides to lay his yourself, and repair. Zaitsev thus, Ukraine will kill several: all show that Moscow forcibly takes away from her territory, will have the opportunity to restore the “temporarily occupied land” due to the “aggressor”, and feeding it will be worldwide, as a victim of treacherous neighbors.

Yes, and at the same time, Mr. Zelensky neither the nationalists accused the voluntary surrender of Donbass.

“Help Ukraine, no guns, and the vaccine!”

The Estonian edition Postimees demonstrates a real concern about the problems of Ukraine.

“Why Europe allowed the Ukrainians to enter without a visa, does not seek to move forward in the humanitarian sector? Why instead of trying to help the country delivery of measles vaccine, the EU is supplying Kiev with tanks and guns? was quoted known in Estonia, pediatrician, doctor of medical Sciences Adik Levin. — In our country, the immunization rates decreased to 94%, and it is bad, because the norm of 95%. In Ukraine this figure is generally 50%. There not vaccinated children not because I don’t want to, but because there is nothing!”

The doctor calls not to employ immigrants from Ukraine without a comprehensive examination of a candidate for the occupation of the workplace as it may not be grafted, and the “proof of immunization at (in the country) can buy any for us to imagine.”

Indeed, why would the new Ukrainian leadership not to stop squandering money, throwing out a black hole of charge a so-called anti-terrorist operations, and to begin to Fund national health care? The sense is much more. And Europe, by the way, in which Kiev is so eager, it will be better to refer to the country, “taking the exams for candidate minimum”. And while “statistics show that the number infected with measles Europeans accounted for two-thirds share of Ukraine” on accession to the European Union her dream is not worth it.

“Joint projects with Ukraine is a big risk”

The Polish newspaper Biznes Alert analyzes the Collegium of Eastern Europe the name of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański report “Energy East: the plans of the Polish and Ukrainian reality”, examining the topic on the components of: electricity, gas, oil.

Expanding everything on the shelves, a journalist for Aurelius-Marek Pedziwol concludes that cooperation between the two countries is possible, but only in compliance with the principle “though Kiev is a friend, but zloty is imperative”.

The authors of the report, as noted by the reporter, show and prove that:

1. Discussed in over a dozen years, the gas pipeline project Odessa — Brody — Gdansk’t even be calculated. The pipeline to Poland is not necessary because will not be cost-effective (Poland buys gas from Norway and the USA). Here to establish the supply of LNG to the us via Poland to Ukraine (for a Commission) is real.

2. To obtain electricity from the Ukraine, Poland will not, because the Ukrainian kilowatt is much cheaper Polish and it will hit the Polish power plants.

3. The instability of the Ukrainian economy and the high financial risk make the prospects of cooperation between the two countries is uncertain.

4. There is no assurance that the current political and economic course will remain and they will approve of people. May be another outbreak of discontent and then the losses will be difficult to calculate.

But as pats on the shoulder the failed Ukrainian business partners, the authors of the Polish report had completed his warm words “Ukraine is actually a country of great opportunities and there will start to convert from Poland high-tech industries, will certainly come”.

As you can see, all the negative, the author has become more rational and calculated than the uncertain future.Vladimir Dobrynin

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