“From the lining nothing left”: the toxicologist told what the operation expects Bari Alibasov

«От слизистой ничего не осталось»: токсиколог рассказал, какая операция ожидает Бари Алибасова

The producer and the showman of Bari Alibasov waiting for the surgery for partial or full plastic of the esophagus. This is reported by his colleagues and friends. The news that Bari Alibasov June 5, in the Studio, by mistake, swallowed liquid drain cleaner “Mole”, confusing it with the juice in the bottle, continues to be discussed in social networks and blogs. The question often arises whether is it possible to mix the juice with harsh chemicals?

“Yes, in practice it happens – told the correspondent of “MIR 24” physician-toxicologist, science journalist, medical blogger Alexei Vodovozov. – People almost automatically can take and gulp drink some fluid, not smelling it. It is repeatedly described, and such patients are regularly caught in Toxicological offices.”

According to the expert, herself a clinical picture described in the media reports is the truth quite accurately. Cleaning of tubes contains concentrated lye. And she’s very different by the nature of the defeat by other means. Acid, for example, on the surface of the esophagus forms a coagulative necrosis – roughly speaking, the crust. It turns out that the acid won’t be absorbed. Therefore, its effect on the entire body are less pronounced. The alkali acts differently, and it leads to the necrosis. Liquefies mucous, fats Malaysia and it turns out that the mucosa turns into a “sieve”: a fairly large amount of alkali absorbed blood.

There is such subtlety: it is very accurately described as formed burns. Indeed, for typical concentrated alkali burns of the esophagus 4-th degree, because it is the first stage of the passage of concentrated substances. But the burns of stomach – already 2 nd degree, because the alkali neutralizes acid, which is in the stomach. Therefore, for these poisonings lesions of the stomach are expressed to a lesser degree.

According to Alexei Vodovozova, forecast for Bari Alibasov rather positive. The “peak of destruction for about the first 15 minutes, he says. – If the person survived, it is likely he will live. Further possible options. If the burn of the 4th degree, in fact from the lining was nothing left, and could occur perforation of the esophagus. In such cases it is often carried out surgery to replace the esophagus. Often this is part of the small intestine. So, perhaps, Bari Alibasov’ll need to spend some of the plastics options. It depends on how broken down, how amazed other tissues, and as there will be regeneration. But, in General, I repeat, that such poisoning has the highest mortality rate in the first stage. And if the person in the first 15 minutes not killed, it will save him”.

Today, June 6, the showman of Bari Alibasov turned 72 years old.