From the small to the big screen québécois, the invisible diversity

Du petit au grand écran québécois, l’invisible diversité

The small and the big screen feed on the collective memory. It is the receptacle of the stories, images, narratives that shape the collective soul. It is the keystone of the models of reference and identification. It generates cultural and social bonds. It nourishes the sense of belonging, acceptance, and contributes to social cohesion.

The image reflected by the distorting mirrors that are different galas honoring the cultural background are the reflection of a society in contradiction with its ambition : to combine inclusive first-person plural : WE.

These moments of television of the reward and recognition of the artistic genius and cultural quebecers are revealing tangible state of our society in terms of integration.

In the shadow

The answer to the recurring question about where is the diversity in quebec in the selection of award winners is : in the shadows… This is not the error of the public or that of the broadcaster for the gala. It is a priori the error of the authors, the public funders and producers of content.

When no one is concerned about the issue of the integration of the diversity that at the time when the work of the spirit is in the machine of the diffuser, it is too late.

Percentages, proportional share, or quota, that is not the question. It is not a question of imposing diversity.

But the chronic absence of this diversity on our screens urges us, however, we ask serious questions ; namely, why, for example, we do not see any talent other than caucasian.

How can one integrate into a society that excludes large swathes of the component of the collective imagination ? The question is part of our living-together in a common space ; the Québec, in the present instance.

That does not tell me that our minorities from the sphere of art, media and culture in Quebec does not have talent. This is false.

They do not make efforts to exist in the artistic sphere, media and cultural. This is false.

The marginalization of the lower of identity, and multiculturalism

In Quebec, the tendency is to interculturalism, to the match or to cultural convergence. Gold force to marginalize constantly its diversity, it rather contributes to the decline in on itself. It encourages the vitality of the process of fragmentation, cultural, and even that of multiculturalism in Quebec ! If this is the objective, it is necessary to assume that flatly.

The sociology, psychoanalysis and neuroscience speak of the influence of collective memory on our behaviour and our interactions.

Marginalization and caricature minorities are a thing recurring. I do amuserais not here to qualify. Question of weight, measurements and shades, this would require a doctoral thesis ; not a slogan.

Make space upstream to the diversity in the production of works of the mind for the small or large screen, it is to contribute to the architectural identity of a nation. This is not a matter of charity.

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